When the Machine Translation wants to sell Girls (180KB)

Searching for information about CD-R containing gold… Are they better or snake-oil? Are they still available and how expensive are they?
Well, the answer to the first question: I don't know if they are more long-lived than regular CD-R.
The answer to the availability is "Yes!" and the answer to the price question is "Ridiculously high!"

But seriously, amazon.de, that offer (apparently translated with the help of a machine instead of a real translator) is totally not okay. Gaga translation. Right in advance, they get my favorite

Without more words, here the screenshot. I provided literal English translation for it below.

Delkin 100 CD-R Archival Gold
Media Printable Virgins
[Price and standard text for shipping]
  • 10 Pieces Hard Case Filling-stripes each with 10 Sleeve (as in part of clothing – there is no other meaning for "Ärmel" in German)

While the adjective "jungfräulich" can be used in figurative sense of untouched, unchanged (which has associations with blank media) just like in English , "Jungfrau" means exactly: a virgin (girl/woman) – and nothing more.
What is the machine translation trying to sell me? I order this and get… virgin girls, but have to print them? In a 3D printer? Or should I associate it with human trafficking?

The second part doesn't make any sense at all.
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But nothing to truly contemplate over :)
Mhhm. In this case? Yes. It's just ridiculous (and the offer is even sold out so no relevance whatsoever).

In general… I disagree partially. Sometimes descriptions aren't understandable – like in impossible to find out what the text is about. Just a random sequence of words.

In my opinion, the customer must at least have a chance to fully understand what is for sale. It's not that those results only appear on page 78. Sometimes horribly translated stuff shows up under the top results for normal products… like a smartphone protector (pouch, pocket or just a foil). This can make finding a fitting product very hard (I've had that problem).
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