What to buy...

Well, I've decided to use some money I won during a very early fireworks show to buy some steam games, as the money I'm getting from my dad and other people from doing odd jobs is going to something else.

Now, I did have 19. 50, but I'm using 2.50 of it to buy Garrys Mod since it's pretty cheap, that leaves me with 17, so suggest some games for me.


[quote name='SylvWolf' post='3758816' date='Jul 6 2011, 04:12 PM']Deus Ex today. I'd save the rest to see what's on sale over the next few days.[/quote]
*Checks Price*

Wow, it went down...to the exactly some price as Garrys mod :P

...Maybe I'll get it.
I've kind of run into the same problem, but my problem is that I don't like shooters and MMORPGS... Leaving me with pretty much no choice in the store. :/
Well if you buy within the next 4 minutes, Monday Night Combat and Beat Hazard are both awesome.
I was gon say Doom complete pack is a good deal but dead now. I got it during sale tho. Killing Floor looks good, mostly everything else seems overpriced. Would get Prototype if it was cheaper (the asking price is more than I've seen on clearance at Target).
Wellup, I got garrys mod..

And here's something I just made with it.


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