It sucks, sucks a LOT I say, but the truth is, well I am NOT playing them, I just have them on the computer.

Oh but I miiiiight play them so I should leave them installed I tell myself.

I finally got tired of listening to my own bullshit.

They're good games, in some cases great games, often famous games, the sort of names that equal the greats of console gaming.
But hell, if I am NOT playing them, they are just great games that are not being played.

I don't really know what the problem is, maybe it is not too different from why people fall out of interest in anything else.

But I WANT to play them damn it. Just can't find the time or the energy. And well, it's not the same as the board games I grew up with pushing card board counters around with a buddy. Ah that's the key eh, WITH A BUDDY. A social aspect is missing with electronic anything games, not just wargames.

Playing games solo is just not as good as playing them WITH someone.

Playing console games or PC games online with others, well it's not as good as in person, but, it's at least better than no one at all.

And wargames are perhaps the greatest example of where an AI is just not going to cut it. Because complex games of involved military themed competition simply need a human mind. Every last person that ever argued a game needed an AI in order for them to consider buying the game at all, are really just tragic fucking loners that won't accept the truth, they are simply loners not in need of human company.

I'm not a loner :) I want that company.

So I uninstalled a lot of games that while great (and cost me quite a bit too), they are just unlikely to ever get played me vs another human.
Tired of lying to myself that 'eventually I will get around to playing them'.
No damn it, time to admit the truth, they won't be seeing me anytime soon.

Maybe I have also grown away from them a bit too. My enthusiasm seems to have died. 10 years of no real activity though, I am surprised I cared this long.

I am more and more and more looking to maybe get more and more into paper n pencil in person role gaming EVEN IF I HAVE TO BRIBE THEM WITH FREE BEER :)
Well maybe pop and chips, not sure I can find many at the local high school that can drink. Not sure if that has any hope though. I am so not jumping through hoops to assure people I am not some dangerous freak. I just want an after school club to run damn it!! Might try the college. They can at least drink beer.

Christ, been thinking of how to open a game store, just so I can have a reason to have people in to play role games with me.
Wonder how much I'd need to sell just to make the rent on a small place just big enough for a handful of gamers?
Kinda makes the free beer idea seem easier doesn't it?

Some days it seems like I am cursed to have nothing to do that involves gaming WITH people.


And that, guys, is why Call of Duty is only good in multiplayer.
Yep shooter games, they ARE just a matter of same ole same ole, milking you over and over and over, BUT, that is not why I think people play them.

I likely would suck at shooter games, but, it likely wouldn't suck playing them against actual people.

I suppose the trick is to play shooters that are not fucked to hell in a hand basket with jerks using cheats and mods just so they can feel better than the other guy.

Just heard comment about a new wargame design experience coming soon from a well known name in wargame design.
So the fuck what though is my current thinking.

Yep it will be a whole new range of company level tactical tank battle wargames, and they won't be one iota better than the rest of my not getting played stash.
Maybe they would have been fun 30 years ago when I was still an active wargamer.

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