Unreleased (TV-Show) Soundtracks.. the blight

of my soul.

That early 2000's show ? No Soundtrack. Wanna Fix it yourself Rye?
- Must've been a singular instance..
That Toei Show that became super popular afterwards.
I'm sure all of it saw release, right ? Nope, some, but not all. Fix. it. yourself.
How about that 2007 Anime by Capcom you like very much with that introvertball composer that never replies to your mails?
Better make that one yourself aswell.

TBH. - Marketingwise:
Back in the 00's it was understandable.
Worse online representation of publishers etc.
You want that Soundtrack ? Better hope your show is popular enough.

Your show has a Soundtrack ? Great ?!
What's that ? It's missing the track you wanted so badly ?
Tough $kit. It's gonna stay that way. Forever.

What do you say ? It's 2019 and that show you liked has neither a accessible BD 5.1 Video release (with 5 track ac3),
nor a proper release ?
Wait, it got a release, but was available via mailorder only in Japan,
resulting in the SOUNDTRACK being unavailable for 99,9432% of people ?
No online offering via iTunes either?

Too. Bad.

Only saving grace being that lots of other people,
think the same way



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