[TX Haters!] 1. TX stole code again.


Welcome to this blog post, I'll be sure to make more for every new SX update. I guess this'll be a series?
So anyways, SX has made a beta update, 2.2 to be precise, with the main feature being USB drive support, that's the explanation segment.

[Why it's badly implemented]

The USB support works, however it will only install NSP files to your nand, or to your SD. This is particularly annoying because most of the time, USB installation would be used for when you run out of space on your NAND or SD card, but you cannot do that for this.

[Stolen code]

Stolen code is the part where I talk about whether the code is stolen or not... This shouldn't be necessary, but oh well.
(UPDATE) Apparently this *doesn't* use stolen code. Good for them. I assumed they had used the new LibNX update because that's the TX-y thing to do. Sorry for the issue, and next time I'll try to be more... credible, I guess? I won't make assumptions. Promise!

[Final thoughts]

This is another quickly pushed out update to draw in new customers for their product. It isn't even all that good. I'd give this update a 6/10, since it is does some of the stuff it intended to do.
(I've removed the file because I looked over it and I generally just didn't need it there)

Sources: SciresM Tweet.
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'cuz i care of not being banned and .xci is the safe way instead of .nsp
I generally consider XCI files less convenient, and they are becoming they are becoming less popular with the majority of users, however you are right. I'll include that in a quick edit.
@DarthDub that's a banging tune by Drumsound & Prolix, if you don't know it check it out on youtube I always use it in many of my sets :)
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It's nice, but stolen code is stolen. They don't seem to be capable of coding their own shit. But time will tell how much of it is actually stolen.
.nsp/installed form is easily detectable by nintendo but .xci doesn't (if you remove your sd card when you going online).
@Creatable yes but it has more traces on the console i guess. Anyway i'll stick with the .xci forms.
Use stolen code to play stolen games. Who really gives a fuck? Instead of sciresm bitching why doesnt he pull his finger out and get his own shit released?

Yep, I paid money for SXOS and it does exactly what I want it to. Fuck the scene and its petty drama.
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