This has got to be the most un-Linux thing I've seen in a VERY long time...


"Spyware"... Holy fuck, some of you act like it's the end of the world. Edge in Linux? K? If they started forcing Microsoft APIs and "security" on your preferred Linux flavor? Then you'd be right to cry.

Isn't the whole point to Linux to have the freedom to make it yours? Yes, that includes running Edge if you want to.
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I haven't been following its development, but I suspect that in the end, it would be much easier for someone to provide support for Edge on Linux than for any one of the miscellaneous flavors of Firefox that an end user might be running.
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I know Satya has been much more "Linux friendly" than that anti-Linux asshat Steve Balmer, but as an old-fashioned Linux guy that doesn't want anything Microsoft in my Linux distros, this makes me uncomfortable. I do use Windows as my daily driver, so maybe that makes me a hypocrite, but still... :unsure:
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I heard that the chromium Edge is actually a very good browser, a lot of my friends use the Linux version.
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It has some features and nice things that aren't in other chromium-bases browsers. But yes, I still agree with your main point, I wouldn't want proprietary Microsoft software on my system.
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