Things are getting worse, and I'm at my limit...

Hey guys, so here in Aus, Fathers Day was yesterday, apparently that seems to be the only day my father just cracks the shits at me for no goddamn reason, that happened at about 10AM, then he storms of and says this to me "Go live with your cunt of a mother" That pissed me off and I just stormed off to my room, my sister was meant to come over for the night but due to this, she didn't come over, today I wake up and my dad called the home phone to wake me up for school, he seems all normal but I had my suspicions. So I get home from school, and say hi, he ignores me and goes to his room...

I've never seen him like this and I'm fucking sick of it already, I'm pretty sure he hates me, or atleast despises me...

And now we move on to my so called friends:
Well, at school I hang out with a few of my friends every day: Raymond, Jason, Chris, Branden, Brendan, David, Damian. (I'm using the names just for the sake of my anger)
Sure, we all mess around and make jokes and shit but all of this is way past jokes.

Out of that group, I can call one person a friend and that would be Chris.
Brendan, David and Raymond I don't mind, their good friends but sometimes are dickheads.
Jason, I've known him my entire life and his been a good mate the entire time, but recently (Roughly a year) his been a dickhead to me, by calling me names, punching me, kicking me and shit like that, bullying I guess, I'm not afraid to get into a fight or anything, I'd just rather not deal with a suspension from school but truth is, Jason takes after Branden (Who I'll get to in a minute)

Damian, used to be awesome until about 2 years ago when he started hanging out with Branden more, now he is absolutely an asshole, saying shit about me, the amount of times I've thought about delivering my fist into his face is uncountable.

Now to the biggest fucking asshole in the entire world who if I was a serial killer, he would be my first fucking target.
I can guarantee that if I introduced him to this forum, everyone here would hate me so much that they would want to kill me.
I'm a straight guy, I like chicks, but I'm constantly called gay or cum breath or cum bum or cock sucker and well, you get the idea... If he were on this forum, I'm sure he would get banned by calling the gay members shit like that. I still remember back when I was about 9 years of age and he for whatever reason decided it would be funny to bash my head against a metal pole...I really want to knock the shit out of that asshole but from what I can gather, everyone would side with him and I'd be getting bashed by everyone. I may be able to handle a 1 on 1 but not a 6 on 1...

Obviously Branden is the centre of this, that's why the majority of my anger is devoted to him, I can't ignore him or anything because then I have no one to hang out with due to the fact that everyone will follow him...

Did I mention his a racist motherfucker aswell, well, he is, I'm white (Full Aussie) he discriminates against me and other white kids, black kids, islanders, anything except asian because Raymond is Asian and is super muscly, and would kick his ass without second thought.

Beside the gay comments, he also calls me other shit... I dread school for the sheer fact that I'll have to see this asshole during school.
In no way am I a violent person, it's just that this asshole makes me feel this way.

I have no idea what to do, I want to fight him but I don't want to risk suspension and I've tried telling him to stop,but no, it doesn't work... I'm at my limit here, what the hell am I meant to do!?

Multiple other things I could write about but I've got a few hours worth of homework and I was planning on playing some OoT before bed, (Up to the Fire Temple btw)


Well...Brendan seems like a full on douche, but just continue to vent your anger in anyway you can, don't take him on and get yourself in trouble, that's just what he wants. If he's at least human, one day he'll take a look at himself and see what a humongous asshole he is.
Though if you could find some dirt on him....Extortion is a beautiful thing :evil: but don't get out of hand and turn into him
Kick the shit out of him. He sounds like a huge asshole. Also, if he's such a racist and a gaybasher, then why do your other friends hang around him?
That's sad man, friends like these are the main reason people hate school (want it over with) and want to enter University. I had classmates like the ones you mentioned, but in my case I didn't have the courage to fight back lol, wasn't afraid of the punishment by school, just didn't have the guts to stand up and fight. I've been simple all my life and have been bullied in school till 12th grade believe me lol. But good riddance ever since I came to the University (been 2 years), I'm having a peaceful life, everyone is friendly around me, guys girls and teachers alike. Heck even the security guards.

My only advice to you would be to either stay in that group (If you want to stay) or LEAVE it. Even if you'll end up being alone, you'll eventually find a proper and good friend in time.

And about your dad, that's really weird IMO, does he act up specifically on Father's Day?? If so, then maybe he hates it for some reason?? If so, then when he's back to his normal self, ask him what the problem is.

EDIT: People like Brendan (assuming he sucks in studies) end up as Road Cleaners, Labors etc or some low-life drug addicts. So keep that thought in mind and deep in your heart, feel pity for what's to come to him :P
You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends.

Now considering you are obviously young, the school comments are a clue, 'your whole life' is not all that long when compared to mine.

Why are you with these rejects? Because you have no one else? It sounds like no one else would be an improvement.

Friends are not measured by time in, they are measured by their actions.

And here is a news flash, people change, especially when they go through puberty for starters. None of the people I knew as a child were the same as teens, and most of the people I knew as teens were different as adults. The only ones that didn't grow up were losers. It's one thing to remain young at heart, and quite another to remain an immature loser.

You clearly want someone to given your a kick in the ass in text so here it is, stop the goddamned whining.

You don't need those losers, and chances are you'd be happier getting some form of part time work and meeting and making new friends.

Can't help you with your father, clearly he has issues, and it sounds like they are between him and your mother.
Maybe he doesn't like you, or maybe he just has trouble with what is making him angry which is likely not you but your mother.
Either way, is living with your mother an option? If so, is there anything wrong with it?
Dude, i don't know what the fuck is up with your dad but he seems to be acting, how should i say, a cunt.

As for your douche-bag friends i'd say drop 'em all if none of them have respect for you and is easily influenced by the fuck-face, that is Brendan.

I knew someone like that in my school and he's was a very very irritating guy. One day he was repeatingly hitting me in the same spot and when i told him to stop he would do it again and say "why". My rage finally reached it's limit and i let loose. I had the fucker in a choke hold down on the ground. Then our classmate's yelled "miss is coming" then i decided to let him go and we both went to our seats as if nothing happen.

After that day that bastard never did me anything, again. It was like he was waiting for me to kick his ass for him to respect me.

True story

Point is bullies are assholes who wants to get their asses whooped.

I would recommend a ass-whooping and maybe after, your so-called friends would start respecting you again.
I would fucking die if I had friends like that. No, actually, I'd turn corrupt and start losing my senses of what's right or what's wrong, perhaps considering beating the shit out of them as well. You should give those friends up if they're going to continue to be dickheads. My friends are somewhat like that to me but they only do that for fun and jokes and I somewhat get along with it. But if they're constantly being dickheads everyday, then that's a problem.

I hope all goes well with your father. I'm very sure he won't have that kind of temper for long. They always get over it. It just takes some time, whatever the reason.
No one needs friends that need a beating to offer up respect.

I have real friends, they have never needed a beating to like me.

I would suggest beating the crap out of a few of the assholes and not give a shit if they ever learn to respect you or not.

A real friend is someone that is worth your respect because they earned it by actions that made you feel good.

My income level could be a shit load better. My buddies will often offer to cover the cost of a movie if everyone wants to check one out and they know I just don't have the cash. They don't call it a loan either, they just cover the cost so I can go along as well. Real friends like that of course get a return on their investment later in some fashion, You do what you can to make good on a debt of honour.

But honour? nah, those fuckheads have not got anything coming from you. Discard them like the trash they are. Move, on, life is finite, don't waste it on people that are a waste of your time.

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