The prince's first blog

Because this is my first blog I'll make it short.

Two days ago on sunday I woke up, and looked at my clock and saw that it was 8:25. I moved to get up and suddenly everything went dark. Again I wake up look at my clock and see it's 7:00 leaving me in a wtf state.

If you actually read that apperently while I was aspleep I was dreaming about being asleep so I woke up in my dream and then woke up in real


I had that happen to me over and over and over once. I kept waking up, but then I was still dreaming. Weird dreams too, all starting out in my bedroom. It happened at least four or five times that night.

I think I was actually partially waking up and then immediately falling asleep again. It's never happened again, which is good. It was not a restful night.
And then there's sleep paralysis, and also when something happens in your dream, which makes you wake up with a start. :lol:

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