the memchunkhax2 hype post with .3dsx

there is more going on in the comments that this post is somewhat outdated now.
read this. it's important.
  • you cannot use this for downgrading, installing .CIAs, etc. yet. it is purely for testing.
  • when you post results, include your model, entry point, and full firmware version (e.g. 10.3.0-28E).
  • this has pretty much no risk of bricking as it doesn't write to the NAND or anything. with that in mind I am not responsible if anything weird happens so run this at your own risk.
  • if you get a test value of DEADCAFE then it has worked.
  • this might help with getting "DEADCAFE":
    99% Deadcafe on N3DS 10.3
    • Use menuhax
    • Open FTP-3DS
    • Close it with L+R+Down+B
    • Open memchunkhax
    • It should display deadcafe

latest build:
Sun Jan 3 14:30:42 PST 2016
this is based on commit a636c1b at GitHub

libctru build:

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That poll on the thread saying that it is possible to downgrade to 9.2 now:

13 votes for a successful downgrade on the O3DS, 1 vote that it failed. While these results are promising, it's still not enough to fully convince me.
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Is decrypting FIRM supposed to take a long time on cakes? First time using this cfw.
Okay so I fell asleep and it looks like people have gotten CFW working? If so, how stable is it?

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