the memchunkhax2 hype post with .3dsx

there is more going on in the comments that this post is somewhat outdated now.
read this. it's important.
  • you cannot use this for downgrading, installing .CIAs, etc. yet. it is purely for testing.
  • when you post results, include your model, entry point, and full firmware version (e.g. 10.3.0-28E).
  • this has pretty much no risk of bricking as it doesn't write to the NAND or anything. with that in mind I am not responsible if anything weird happens so run this at your own risk.
  • if you get a test value of DEADCAFE then it has worked.
  • this might help with getting "DEADCAFE":
    99% Deadcafe on N3DS 10.3
    • Use menuhax
    • Open FTP-3DS
    • Close it with L+R+Down+B
    • Open memchunkhax
    • It should display deadcafe

latest build:
Sun Jan 3 14:30:42 PST 2016
this is based on commit a636c1b at GitHub

libctru build:

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Guys, if you are at all worried about anything going wrong just wait. Only do this if you are using an O3DS and don't care if it bricks
Has anyone bricked using this version yet? (Besides people who can't read and tried it on N3DS)
I need help. I can't get FBI install legit cia and when i downgrade my O3DSXL to 9.2, i can't go to the gateway menu.

1- FBI problem, I run FBI‚ It's Done or Cleaning up... at boot. and when i finally get into‚ the CIA installation fail with DESCRIPTION_FAILED or somthing like that.

2- To 9.2 -> Gateway browserhax get me to a homemenu error screen.

I'm so depressed now...

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