The Cherry Tree High series

hey! its been a while since i've posted something here!
not anything too serious, this was just too long to actually put into a status update.
basically, two VN games on steam about a high school comedy club are going to be delisted after the steam summer sale. if you could check them out and maybe even think about buying them, it would be greatly appreciated. from what i've heard, its a pretty good romp overall and best part: they're SUPER CHEAP. both games only cost ~$5.
thank you.

oh yeah, since i've talked about steam in my last status update
"Cherry Tree High Comedy Club" and its sequel, "Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!" will be delisted after the steam summer sale
Apparently, the original team that made it is shutting down and is transferring their games to other publishers, with the exception of these two games
from what i've heard, they're both just a high school visual novel/ simulator. but i would recommend if you could check it out, especially during the sale (it was originally ~$10, now its $5 for both games. p good deal if you ask me)
here is the link for the complete package (
thank you :-)

(side note, 420 character limit fills up VERY quickly, but twitter has 280 character limit, so i guess i cant complain too much. would be nice to have an extra 200 or so, maybe too much, maybe too little but it sounds just right to me.)


ok big update!

apparently there was a THIRD game in this series: "Cherry Tree High Girls' Fight"

seems to have poor reception though. combat doesn't feel good, rng decides everything ect, ect.

It's the only game in this series that will still be up after the steam summer sale though. I can only assume this is because this was published by Sekai Project instead of Nyu Media. They've also published the Nekopara games. Very telling in my opinion.

Buy it if you want to. Unless otherwise specified, it'll still be up after the steam summer sale.
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