The best Way to get rid of someone ?

Hello fellow GBAtemp Community.

Away from the Corona Thing for a Second.....

When I read through News from Austrias "Federal States" the last Months and last specially Year,I noticed a very strange and disturbing Behavior...more and more Common in Austria.....

People who kills Relatives,related People (in the Meaning of "People next to you - we say "nahestehende Personen"),Partners and so on.....
Not so often Killers who shot People randomly....

Really targeted...

- Son who kills Father
- Father kills whole Family
- Ex-Friend kills Ex-Girlfriend and her whole Family too.
- Wife kills Husband
- Ex-Husband kills Ex-Wife
- ..............

Some People maybe say " Yes,thats normal in the Country I live......"
Really ?

And also very "Strange" - The Perpetrator (mainly Man.....) remain silent.....nobody says something ........or were depressed and so poor because of an Divorce or Separation......
And suddenly all have Compassion with the Murderer.....and the "Background Story"......
Of Course,it is always important to now every Detail of the Backgound....

I wonder if you have "Compassion" with your Husbands or Wifes Ex-Friend when he/she kill your Partner and maybe you too.......

Only to get rid of you......

Thank you for Reading....


Humans are messed up creatures. Some people have less control over their emotions than others and often they end up commiting crimes. These crimes are known also known as crimes of passion.
The people responsible for these crimes are usually normal people, more often than not they are not evil people, and just bad at controlling themselves. In a fit of fury they do things they will regret right away and they will have to live with their crimes for their whole lives.

People might feel sorry for them, but that's it.
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It's not really becoming more common, it always has been common. The reason murder is more common amongst familiar parties is ironically because of the bonds that they develop. Severing these bonds leads to resentment and then potentially violence and murder. Losing romantic bonds particularly leads to very irrational and deep seated resentment.

The killing of random people and even killings motivated by criminal enterprise requires an actual rare pathology which most people aren't inclined toward, especially with the threat of severe punishment looming over them.
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I honestly couldn't care less what happens to me exes but killing them?
I prefer to never see them but that is a little to extreme.
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Take in count that it's surely more related by the different information's actors than before. With an increasing number of social media's "reporters" wanting to make some buzz with everything that could pass by their hands to attract random people to leave a like and share.

As have said FGFlann, it has always been like this, we're just more aware of it, in my opinion.
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I can't imagine why anyone would kill maybe their Ex-girlfriend, atleast from my point of view, because I just can't relate to maybe their way of thinking. There's a Interrogation Youtube Channel called JimCan'tSwim, and it's pretty interesting how some people justify the murder of their loved ones or relatives.

This actually now reminded me of something.
Some of you maybe know liveleak, for me I might be a bit more sensitive to such things, that means It's hard for me to witness brutal things, but a few days ago I stumbled upon another site, theync or something like don't really grasp how many bad things are happening in the world. And after that I'm just happy that I have been living my life for years without being afftected/witnessed any murder, suicide or even death.

The most disgusting part for me is the glorification of death in the comment section of these sites. I don't know how it can be legal to take real suicides, packing them into a compilation underlying funny music.

These videos often have thousand of likes and views, that just shows how fucked up humans really are.
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knowing people, teaches we're not superior to any other animal. it just happens to be we're not like other animals where as one specy also makes the rules that they live by.
some man live by the terratorial rules, some by social rules, some hierarchical rules.
some people understand pain, some just don't.
some set thier religion above all, some set thier spause above all, some set money above all.
every human beïng got a breaking point where they can't move on the way they should forced by socialism.
if people are forced to revisit thier past mistakes over and over...
there is no glory in blood or guts,then again, it makes only more sense that one kills one he or she knowes, the more there's a connection, the more he or she might be the trigger to relive failures of ones past.
killing a stranger might sound more normal, but that's simple because you look at killing as for food.
killing a human is most likely not for food.
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i highly believe that the ones that kill their families out of the blue and have this disgusting facial expression on their faces are demonically oppressed. if you don't know what that means, let me say it in the more easier phrase; you know that everyone has their demons that they face, that tells them things that they don't want to hear? that's what i'm talking about. or those people are just pure evil.
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Skelletonike Sorry but nope that's bullshit. Normal people do not kill their relatives. There has to be something wrong with a person who would do that. If I had a wife who cheated on me I would leave her and that's it. I would not kill her. There is nothing they could do to make me kill them except try to kill my mom or something. That is how a normal person thinks. People who are willing to kill for revenge or because of some other reason are sick in the head period.

If they do it in a moment of rage that's just ignorant a person has to learn to control their emotions. Comparing us to animals is wrong too. Animals kill for no reason, humans don't unless there's something wrong. There is no person on this Earth worth killing reason 1 you have to live with it reason 2 go to prison/get the death penalty. Nope. Only a crazy person would think "revenge" is worth that.
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I find it quite hard to feel any empathy or compassion for someone that solves a bad familiar relationship/grudge by killing.
That said I think it happens relatively often worldwide.
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They're being controlled by demons. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. No, this paragraph does not include an oxymoron. Whattaya mean I'm a moron?!? :P

Seriously, not just from a Christian perspective but a Biblical one, humans are involved in spiritual warfare by default. Demons are using humans as the unfortunate pawns in a battle to become greater than God. Paul himself says:

For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.​
- Ephesians 6:12​

Demons are more common than we think. Pretty much any misfortune you can think of is ultimately caused by them, and they put the blame on us. How do they do this? It's a form of brainwashing - they inject a thought in your head to do something bad, and disguise it as your thought. Then, once the bad deed is done, they manipulate your environment (and other people) in order to tack all the blame on you. Suicides and murders happen most of the time because people are trying to avoid guilt. It's more or less a pride issue - we say "He did it!" in order to throw suspicion off of ourselves, or we think we should stop living because it isn't worth living. We think so much of ourselves that we would do anything to make us look good.

He must not be a new believer, because he might become puffed up with pride and thus fall under the same judgment as did the Adversary.​
1 Timothy 3:6​

That's why it's so important to be humble and to accept the grace that Jesus gave us. We don't have to earn grace, as is the misconception. Accepting it automatically takes the blame off of us, and we thus have the tools to combat it!

For you have been delivered by grace through trusting, and even this is not your accomplishment but God’s gift. You were not delivered by your own actions; therefore no one should boast.​
Ephesians 2:8-9​
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where's the dislike button when you need one..
there's no spiritual battle to begin with, it's made up by the biblical writers.
no bible, (or a variant of such a book) no battle.
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Personally I feel like there is this tendency to blame everything on demons... but what if YOU are the demon? whatever you believe about demon posession, people are able to make these horrible decisions on their own-

“Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." [Mark 13:12-13]
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Humans are messed up creatures. Some people have less control over their emotions than others and often they end up commiting crimes. These crimes are known also known as crimes of passion.

however the fact that "correctly identifying and channeling emotions" is not taught anywhere is part of this behaviour.
Women shall not be angry, men shall not be sad ? What ?

This here f.e. is just a starting point:
Not only that ..... your head sometimes tingles from behind your head and tells you to kill ...... the solution is resist it or leave the room.
Thinking about evil vs good only applies those week to thier emotions to have an escape goat.
good and bad decissions are human decissions.
demons are an excuse for those pulling a trigger, there ain't such a thing as demons, it's thier own fucking choice to pull that trigger.
they can be tricked in doing so by someone else, wich increases the guilt number by 1.
it still remains a human choise to kill or hurt.
it's not possible to say that it's always good or bad, sometimes i can agree on a killing, sometimes i can't simply because i can relate to a sittuation.
that will not make a difference to those who lost a member.
every human being has his or her own way of drawing a line in when another turns evil and thus making a killing justifyable.
some say it's because the good lord's name is misused, some say it's because his or her child is not understoot, some just didn't like the look on your face.
whatever, for me evil is when you talking bihind someone's back, this because we all make mistakes, but this behavior makes it impossible to come back from such mistakes.
this evil practice is very common on holy places like churches, temples and even in mosques. there really isn't a place burning hot enough in any hell for those who practice such a deep evil.
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There must be an age where there are killers coming out parties hehe because sometimes it is from your brain chemicals (forced) hehe
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no mohammed2935, even with the chemicle battle in hyour head, you're still the one doing something... you have a choice in life allways, when there's help needed to seek it for those chemicals can be reballanced...
choices might be hard to make but they're always choices, and the only one responsible for your actions and choices is yourself. never ever is another human to blame for whatever you do in life...
another can hurt you, you can choose to walk away.
your brain can tell you it's not enough, you can search for a psych.
your brother, father, mother, sister, friend or priest can tell you about an unforgivable person for whatever idiot reason he or she gives, it makes this person a worse person then the one he's talking about and still you can choose your own path.
there's not an age there is stupidiness, and some people just don't have enough brain capacity to underdstand thier illnes, or thier destructive view on life...
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