Thank you to GBAtemp and to my "Friends".

Looking on the "Like" Counter makes me feel.... maybe have "accepted" me for your very,very,very nice Community.

Thank you to all the People I met here in the last 2 Years.
It makes really great Fun and it is always a very,very,very,very nice Time here.
I am always delighted in the Morning to see mostly the same People around........and also in the Night..........and then in the Morning.....View attachment 233121

People go and new People come.With some People there is/was very instensive Contact (Personal Messages or Mail).
It also makes Fun to see how (Internet) Relation and Friendships with many People grow with Time.
Very,very,very nice and thank you for this Possibility.View attachment 233123

Sometimes I still not understand some "Things".
Because of my still "modest" English Knowledge.
I have learned many,many about this Languague here (English and English,if you know what I mean...:D).
Sometimes you got some Austrian "Things" from me.
I hope,you liked it.

So,please have still a nice Time and Fun here.Try to be nice to each other,everybody deserves it.
Thank you very much,I am very,very,very grateful,that I can continue to drive my mischief here.:)


Far and away you are one of the nicest members of this site, and it’s always so lovely to see your comments, be it on threads or statuses. You’re always so positive and kind—I think everyone here enjoys seeing that, the good side of the internet, the humanity behind the screen, as opposed to more negative interactions we all see everywhere else.

I hope you continue to be part of this community for a long time yet :)
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Thank you for all your awesome posts and a huge thank you for being the most wonderfully amazing friend I have. And I am sorry that I haven't had much time to be on the site and talk to you lately.
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you are a kind and patient person.

you are the yin to my yang. the light to my darkness.

community is a better place with you.:)
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Aww- you’re easily one of the best people I’ve ever met online! :3 (And in general x3)
You and some others are also one of the bigger things that keeps me here >:3
Your English isn’t that bad either- It’s still better than some people I know who grew up speaking it :P
You are a gift to the temp!
And you are my friend UwU
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You are a very kind person with always great things to say. Flame is right, This community is great with you in it.
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You have been so nice and respectful, and I'm happy to think of you as a role model. We owe you a thanks, if anything.

Much love, my besest friend forever! :)
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Thank you for your patience and for being around, Alexander! I consider your friendship a very valuable one! :D

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Big up Alexander the Great ;)
I'd just be repeating all of the above but it's all true and heart-felt mate, keep up your good work and effort and don't be going anywhere soon! :bow:
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You're always friendly and helpful. It's always nice to be a part of a community with such a person.
Don't worry about your English not being the best, just keep using what you know to do good. You're appreciated.
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You're one of the best members in here fam.
It's incredible how time passes and it's only been 2 years.
Happy GBAtemp anniversary my friend!
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I truly admire how you are always nice and kind to others, you help so many people everyday. You have my most genuine respect, appreciation and grattitude.
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Yes! you are very very good person and.... i cannot say with just writing. Flame and Mr. Looigi was explain all of what i mean.
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