Should I continue?

Let me cut this straight: I've registered and translated 5 pages of DotA Allstars. Yes, the very same one that you proud boys played over, I did it around 2 weeks ago

Of course, to Indonesian. I have to admit, the first time I asked IceFrog to sign up to "translate" I thought it's just to translate the webpage (it has a few languages selectable, so I thought he meant to add another language to it) turns out he meant translate the whole shebang

When I signed up for the job, I saw at least 7 other subscriber already doing their part of the job, although sloppy at best (who would've thought they'd think that Magina's the one who explodes instead of his enemy? read Magina's story if you want to check what I mean), and what looked like to be a respectable leader for the job. He responded in 2 days after I said "I'm in"

Since that, in around 2 weeks I've translated 5 pages of it, with high quality translation if I do say so (I translated them logically, not literal, as in translating "kick the bucket" as "dead" not "kicking a bucket so that the water inside it flows out". Resulting in high-quality, easy to understand, and logical translation)

But in the past week, the leader isn't around anymore. He told me the very day I signed in that "There's only two of us left, the others have either left or disappeared, so you need great confidence and endurance, are you up for it?"

From 7 members in a proud team, only one left, the leader. With me as the new main translator and proofreader (such as that Magina incident). I'm actually up for it, provided he would give me feedback and support me along the way. I'm not the so-called 'leader' type, I'm a worker, and I need a leader and commander in order to do stuffs.

He did gave me feedback in form of 'kthx' after I proofread the first 2 pages, but after 3 pages more, he's not around. I posted, asking where the hell is he, which I did around 3 days ago, but he hasn't responded.

I thought at first "Maybe he's busy with stuff" but really, if the leader isn't around, I can't continue. It's as if I'm doing something that won't be finished even after I've done it. Something futile, and that thought lowered my spirit

The translation project consists of no less than 58 pages for the heroes and skills alone, each containing 2 heroes (for some pages, it's one and a half heroes, meaning one hero and half-part of another hero), and there's still the the items (buffs section is already done, and I've proofread them). The thought of doing ALL of them alone is already depressing, but doing all of them alone literally is an entirely different matter

I know I'm usually just a proof reader, but since they translated them literally (which, in most cases, is not a viable option), I need to reword their translation, resulting in me doing the translation again.

Now my spirit has declined to almost none. I wanted to help, but if the one I helped is not there, I can do nothing.

Should I really continue or just be a hypocrite and walk away?


It would be nice to help. But first, you gotta manage your time and see whatcha got. If you have the extra time, make it a hobby. Don't make it an obligation that you have to do. It is not like they are paying you or anything... More like just giving you credit. Got the extra time? Do it, if you are busy, leave it. It is not like you are going to leave it there... Just take breaks from time to time.

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