Phaedrus - Wolf and lamb

Phaedrus - Wolf and lamb
The wolf and the lamb, driven by thirst, had come to the same stream; the wolf and much lower the lamb. And behold the robber, stimulated by his cursed throat, drew out a pretext for a quarrel. "Why," he said, "have you
clouded my water just as I was drinking?" And the wad of wool, full of
fear, replied, "Sorry, wolf, how can I do what you recriminate? It's from you that the water flows down to my lips. Rejected by the force of truth, the wolf exclaims: "Six months ago you spoke ill of me. The lamb retorts: "Me? I wasn't born yet. "By God," he says, "it was your father who spoke ill of me." So he grabs the lamb and tears it apart, killing it unjustly.

[ Ad rivum eundem Lupus et Agnus venerant
Siti compulsi ; superior stabat Lupus
Longeque inferior agnus. Tunc fauce improba
Latro incitatus iurgii causam intulit.
5 «Cur» inquit «turbulentam fecisti mihi
Aquam bibenti?» Laniger contra timens:
«Qui possum, quaeso, facere, quod quereris, lupe?
A te decurrit ad meos haustus liquor».
Repulsus ille veritatis viribus:
10 «Ante hos sex menses male» ait «dixisti mihi».
Respondit agnus: «Equidem natus non eram».
«Pater hercle tuus» ille inquit «male dixit mihi».
Atque ita correptum lacerat iniusta nece.]

I will leave it up to you, to say if these "wolves" are not encountered today too, wherever you are and in the most disparate environments and situations.
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Remember that from an in-class test in Latin. (Sadly forgot most of the language)

Simple fables can be great. This one is. Such wolves people are everywhere. If there is no reason… just fake one.
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