Phaedrus - The woman in childbirth

No one willingly returns to the place that has harmed him.
When the months had expired, at the moment of childbirth, a woman lay on the ground and was moaning in pity. Her husband urged her to return to her bed to better lay the the fruit of her pregnancy. But she said, "I have no confidence that my evil can end in the very place where it was originally conceived."

[ Nemo libenter recolit qui laesit locum.
Instante partu mulier actis mensibus
Humi iacebat flebiles gemitus ciens.
Vir est hortatus, corpus lecto reciperet,
Onus naturae melius quo deponeret.
«Minime» inquit «illo posse confido loco
Malum finiri, quo conceptum est initio». ]
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This one... I don't get it. "Pregnancy = My evil" ???

Pregnancy isn't a bad thing. She will hardly have an easier time giving birth to her child just because she lays down on the hard floor instead of the bed. Is the bed cursed because she got impregnated in the bed? How is getting pregnant equally to getting harmed? It's not an illness.

I think I'm too stupid to understand the metaphor here.
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