Phaedrus - The fox and the eagle

However high one may be, he must fear those below, for the
vengeance is at hand of the wits always ready to learn.
The eagle once seized the fox's young and placed them in the nest in front of the eaglets, so that they could feed on them.
The poor mother had chased her and began to beg her not to cause so much pain. But the eagle did not care, as she was sure of the position of the nest. The fox then took a burning ember from an altar and set fire all around the tree, combining the pain she would have produced to the enemy with the loss of her own blood.
The eagle, in order to snatch her young from the danger of death, became in her turn pleading, and handed the fox her children safe and sound.

[ Quamvis sublimes debent humiles metuere,
Vindicta docili quia patet sollertiae.

Vulpinos catulos aquila quondam sustulit
Nidoque posuit pullis, escam ut carperent.
Hanc persecuta mater orare incipit,
Ne tantum miserae luctum importaret sibi.
Contempsit illa, tuta quippe ipso loco.
Vulpes ab ara rapuit ardentem facem
Totamque flammis arborem circumdedit,
Hosti dolorem damno miscens sanguinis.
Aquila ut periclo mortis eriperet suos
Incolumes natos supplex vulpi tradidit.]
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