Phaedrus - The donkey taunting the boar

Mostly foolish people, while trying to elicit a giggle, severely offend others and get themselves into bad danger.
A donkey, coming across a boar, said to him, "Hello, brother." That one,
all indignant, rejected the courtesy and asked him why he wanted to lie like that. And the donkey, lowering his penis: "If you say that I am not like you, surely this is similar to your grunt". The boar wanted to attack him with the impetus of his race, but he restrained his wrath: "It would be easy for me to take revenge, but I do not want to soil myself with the blood of a coward".

[ Plerumque stulti, risum dum captant levem,
Gravi destringunt alios contumelia
Et sibi nocivum concitant periculum.

Asellus apro cum fuisset obvius:
«Salve» inquit «frater». Ille indignans repudiat
Officium et quaerit, cur sic mentiri velit.
Asinus demisso pene: «Similem si negas
Tibi me esse, certe simile est hoc rostro tuo».
Aper, cum vellet facere generosum impetum,
Repressit iram et: «Facilis vindicta est mihi,
Sed inquinari nolo ignavo sanguine». ]
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