Phaedrus - Socrates and friends

Friend is a usual word, but rare is a faithful friend.
Socrates (whose death I would not flee, so long as I attained a glory like
his, and would accept malevolence, to be absolved when I am dust),
Socrates was building himself a little house, when a commoner, I know not who, as it usually happens, asked him: "But excuse me, why, great as you are, do you build yourself such a small house?". And he said, "If only I could fill it with true friends!"

[Vulgare amici nomen, sed rara est fides.
Cum parvas aedes sibi fundasset Socrates,
(Cuius non fugio mortem, si famam assequar,
Et cedo invidiae, dummodo absolvar cinis),
Ex populo sic nescio quis, ut fieri solet:
«Quaeso, tam angustam talis vir ponis domum?»
«Utinam» inquit «veris hanc amicis inpleam!»]
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Another part of your blog series where I want to give a reaction… and can't find the fitting. A thumbs up as agreement with the statement up must suffice. There is a variety of feelings involved beyond that. Mostly bitterness and cynicism.

Filling a house with true friends…

Let TF:={x: x is a true friend} then it turned out TF=∅
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