Need for Speed: Old Lady VS ATV Off-Road Extreme

Ok so i think a few of you know that I have a job fairly close to home. I ride my quad to work because its faster to ride though the woods, that to take a car over the roads.

This morning, I was doing my thing, cruising to work at a comfortable speed. Eventually i get out onto the dirt road i have to take. I thought people would know a Quad can really move.

But the dust cloud following me wasnt a big enough indication that i was hauling ass, because some old lady decided that she wasn't gonna wait 2 seconds for me to pass her driveway and she can be on her way. Im literally 30 feet from her, so what does she do?

She pulls out in front of my screaming quad.

I pump the breaks and drop a few gears, but i was already close enough to have tea time with the other two hags in the back seat. I dont think she realized that im on a 300 Honda Fourtrax. I follow (probably a bit too close) for long enough for me to get angry about the dust and rocks shes kicking up all in my eyes (and i was even wearing sunglasses). A quick survey of my jacket reveals she had dishonored my college alma mater, with her dust. Thats it.

I engage trans-am (5th gear), and move up to her window and she looks over at me.
I raise my sunglasses and give her a look she will never forget. For the next 5 months or however long she ends up living lol
Then i drop my sunglasses back over my eyes, give her the finger and mouth:

"Deal with it"

The driveway where i work was right there, so i dropped the breaks and skidded into my parking spot.

My boss asks me "What did I just witness?"
Give him the cliff notes. I was still kinda adrenaline highing.
Gives me a high five and tells me "You're a boss."

mfw old ladies mess with me:
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Wow....just wow....I think that old hag need work up her brain for respect you. But that is funny when you did to her.

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