Natural Calcium Channel Blockers


'EMF radiation disrupts the calcium metabolism in cells. The engery excites the cell, causing calcium to flush into the cell, resulting in different metabolic reactions. When this happens at high levels consistently, it can actually cause cell death, leading to degenerative diseases especially cancer. But even more acute reations such as heart attack.'

Consult your doctor, do your research and proceed at your own risk.

What I do?
-avoid EMF-radiation
-wear shielding clothes
-supplement magnesium glycinate and vitamine C
-water kefir with every meal
-dark chocolate

It is important to pick a high quality dark chocoloate, and even with that, it might be not good for you if you have fatigued adrenals or simply suffer inflammation when eating dark chocolate. It's certainly advisalbe to critically observe whether the chocolate causes you any trouble.

It is very diffcult to get enough magnesium because the soil of modern agriculture is heavily depleted of magnesium. Therefore a magnesium glycinate supplement is what I take.

In another thread I was asked about coronary artery calcification and it is an important aspect of this subject. Coronary artery calcification is by far the number one indicator for mortality. Fortunatly you can test this, and if you dont score 0 I strongly suggest doing things to reverse the calcification.
I would
-avoid EMF
-take D3 and K2 mk-4
-avoid inflammation by (agro)chemicals, too much of omega 6 fatty acids (omega 3/omega 6), and insulin resistence/diabetes
-lower stress (no coffee, walks, no hectic media consumption)
-lower calcium (low calcium water, no dairy)


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