Mama’s Art Dump #2!

I’m still an amateur at art but enjoy! Woo!

First off, we haveee my version of me in Miitopia- too bad you can’t be a cat from the start -w-
View attachment 275035

Next off, we have my Miitopia interpretation of Kokichi :3
View attachment 275034
This was my attempt at Chary, other tempers coming soon probably

Third, we got the catssss
View attachment 275032 View attachment 275033


Lastly, a new OC of mine: Snowbell!
View attachment 275031

Witch catto :3

That is also
I thought this was my third art dump but apparently it’s my second? Maybe? I don’t know

But anyways
That’s all for today :3
Remember that Mama thinks you’re an amazing UwU
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You just go to an entry of yours, press the edit button (looks like a pencil at the bottom of the OP), and you can change the title :3
kokichi? like from danganronpa? instantly fucking blocked. i fucking hate danganronpa shit series klklensjkgfakdnfidajsknialkmnhivjierngiurinfjaef
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...I don't see Chary anywhere, though. I see the cat one (probably you, judging from the text above) and "Kokichi" (whoever he or she is), but no Chary.
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