Life isn't fair

My wife turned 24 this past Sunday. She was born with a condition called PKU. Basically she can't eat protein. We had her yearly checkup on Wednesday. They do a bunch of tests and take blood. After we got home, the blood doctor told us to go to the ER. my wife's blood sugar was over 500. She is now diagnosed with diabetes.

She's 24... why...
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Woah Bortz, this seriously sucks. I wish you two the best!
Man, many people were born with genetic defect, there's nothing you can do but deal with it....Of course If you are truly love her you must stay close to her and provide unconditionally ur supports and cheers.... and pls, consider it, does it really worth at cost of your own happiness?

BUT I ll never considered ur actual condition as a tragedy if we compare those afrikans who try to escape from wars and famine to reach Lampedusa Italy. There are already over 5000 people registered people who drowned in last 2 years...

Well both of you are still alive and you still enjoy your Switch...
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I'm so sorry to hear that...

Just make sure to be with her and take care of her. If you follow the medical indications nothing bad could happen to her ^_^
I am sorry to hear that. Everyone know that life is unfair. Just follow the medical and be regularly with it and she should be ok. Stay positive and be strong.
I'm very sorry to hear this. Indeed, life isn't fair. It never is. These moments though is when faith is tested. Stay strong, both of you
That's quite unfortunate, sorry brother. Sadly, there really isn't a reason why. That is just life. But, you two have each other and a lot of love between you I'm sure. Just keep on loving her and enjoy your lives together. You are religious, no? Have faith, though it maybe hard right now. I'm sure, more than ever, she needs you to be her rock.

If you ever wanna talk, you have an entire community that cares for and respects you. At least most of us. ;D I consider you a friend at least.

I'm sorry again, brother.
You are right. Life is full of suffering.
It's everyone's universal truth, everyone suffers one way or another.

I wish you and your family better health managment then. My brother is diabetic and it was recently discovered. He is 30 years old, he seem to be doing fine now after the adjustments. He also has hypertension and highblood pressure, the whole program really. We learned to adapt and now certain routines are normal because of his health.

You'll be fine.
Woah dude, I'm very sorry to hear that...
But I'm really sure your mutual love is stronger than anything :)
The day genetic modification will be a widespread form of disease treatment, will be a glorious day indeed.

So sorry to hear that. :(
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So sorry to hear that BORTZ. Everybody in my family is diabetic, so I know the pain.

I hope you guys can figure things out.
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I recommend shopping at places like Whole Foods. Just recently, 'someone in the government' OK'd not labelling High Fructose Corn Syrup as 'High Fructose Corn Syrup' and there are tons of other ridiculous things going on with food. Sometimes, it's a little more expensive (not by much), but it's definitely worth it. Never eat at restaurants, unless you know for a fact how the food is prepared and what the food is.

Your wife might have to give up alcohol, if she drinks, but, oddly enough, cannibus can lower your blood sugar.

Even more odd, Martin Shkreli, that guy who drastically raised the prices on insulin said, 'If you're having trouble paying for medication, get in touch with us and we'll help you out.' Apparently, he did it to screw big pharmaceutical companies.
So sorry to hear that...

If you and your family have the money, maybe you can afford genetic treatment for both diseases for your wife...

I hope she gets better no matter the course of treatment.
It certainly isn't. Mom has had cancer twice, and while she survived, there's no telling whether it'll return a 3rd time, and she'll never recover fully from the side effects.
Anyway, I feel for you man. At least they are conditions that she can still live a long and happy life with, but it must be hard to make such huge lifestyle changes.
If she can't eat protein or carbs, there's hardly anything left she can eat.
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Oh man I am sorry to hear. Now it's just a matter of being really careful, and everything will be alright. I know you can both manage everything together.
To be honest, yeah. LIfe isn't fair. You only need to see where the rich people are (many but not all of them) and how they really are. They deserve it? Probably not.

Now, on-topic, that is disgusting. But yes, there is nothing you can do about it but go to the hospital or do everything they may tell you. Good luck and hope your wife gets back up! Both of you probably don't deserve to have that, so have all my support! :)
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