Just started 999

..And I must say, the story is incredibly detailed, the gameplay is alot like Hotel Dusk.
I passed my second numbered door, including the one you open on D Deck when you awake.

I chose door 4.

It's a bit on the text heavy side though.


Well if I'm correct, is was a remake of a visual novel so it should be text heavy.

I actually need to get to this game sometime....
It's my favorite game on the system. If you haven't already, you'll be absolutely sucked into the plot over time.
You'll really want to get the different endings.
It's an original visual novel with some simple puzzle elements. I actually wasn't a big fan of the rooms, the story is quite amazing though. It's in the same style as the famous Ever17 (well, as famous as VNs get) and Remember11. Both are amazing reads if you liked 999.
It is quite text heavy, but that's because it's really more a visual novel then game.
Fantastic though, definitely one of the best on the system! :D

I'm still going after my last ending now actually. :P
Short and sweet.
With a very indepth story and the puzzles are pretty fun too. Definitely one of my favorite DS games.

EDIT: and if you do like 999 and don't mind a lot of reading, I agree with SylvWolf. Get Ever 17. The story is absolutely awesome.
Well, I'm past the second numbered door, went to door 8 with Lotus and Clover.

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