Just saw P4 the Animation episode 26 true end

Yea thats not much of an achievement and probably most of you haven't even heard about this anime but whatever. Finally saw it since I couldn't find it streamed online anywhere until today and my complaint is the video quality is low seriously stream a better quality video otherwise episode 26 summed up the series pretty well although I thought it would ruin a bit longer than just 30 minutes but i'm not really complaining.

If you finished the game with the true ending then you'd probably know whats gonna happen anyway but it was fun to see it, now i'm gonna have to wait for Persona 3 the movie, I wonder how thats gonna turn out cause the game even the best ending in the game was shit to me I mean it was as nice as it could've been.


Pretty sure everyone has heard of it lol.
Persona is really well known.

I myself still haven't watched it. I played the game of course, watching just the anime would ruin the whole experience. But I actually might wait for English dub to see how it looks like since I played the game with English voices already.
If it's crap I'm switching to good ol' jap voices.

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