Just installed a capture card in this 3DS XL




Unfortunately we can not view your Pictures due Limitations from your Account/Profilet Settings...I think....:(

Thank you.:)
The first attachment is viewable.

I thought they discontinued making them. Is this old stock?
@zfreeman I heard something that the factories are still making them. There are like one or two sites still getting them which offer install services. Just have to know the right people to get your hands on the parts.
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RubyOtaku said:
Thats strange. I posted in the 3DS hardware page and all seemed fine
Seems a moderator moved the topic to your personal blog (which kinda makes sense since you're describing your personal experiences and activities).

I guess there is some kind of permission problem caused by the move from thread to blog. Try removing the attachments and reupload them if possible.
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