It's getting closer- DS funeral...

First Blog!
As some of you guys 'noticed recently', when a good DS game is released, I always type something like "One of my last few DS games".
Well the case for that is that my DS is really dying, I believe it's falling apart (slowly)!
What's happening you may wonder?
1. The top screen- I feel like it's more wobbly then last year. Playing games on it has become harder, because now I have to hold the screen. This is annoying because I'm more focused on holding the screen using my two index fingers. What happens if I stop holding them with my fingers? Well that brings me to-
2. The game will freeze. Like if you were holding a DS and your friend smacks it out of your hand and onto the floor, wouldn't it freeze? Well something similar is happens to it. (This became noticeable playing games like Megaman Starforce)
And lastly 3. Sometimes the games I play will not read! At first, I thought it was the games causing the problem, it was something wrong with the games. Then it all started coming together.
Well, I suppose this was bound to happen. It still works though (barely) but it feels like I will need to get another one (or a 3DS). Well that's all.
2007-2011 I suppose.


That's unfortunate.

My DS is still in one piece and STILL in great shape. The only bad things are that I haven't played it as much as I did years ago and there are a bit of smudges of dirt around the edges of the screens.
i know how you feel mine died a slow horrible death cracked hinge slot 1 didnt hold games power swich was broken l and r buttons started to malfunction and to kill it all ribbon cable was severed

R.I.P DSL 2006-2011
DS Lites just seam to be very poorly designed. My DS Lite also died of a broken hinge and a malfunctioning R button. Oh well, the DSi seams much better. I haven't had a single problem with my DSi. I would suggest you get a DSi :) Or a 3DS...
Really? Mt Lite is the first generation one (glossy all around), and is still working perfect.

My hinge broke, my touchscreen was unrespnsive on one side, my L button doesn't work,
The springs in the cartridge slot is fucked and i think its missing a pin.
My DSLite is still in decent shape, just a few scratches on the touchscreen and a bit of an unresponsive L and R buttons, but cleaning it out fixes it for a couple weeks.
2006 - Today.
my DSL is fine except the Top screen occasionally is a messed up pixelly mess, but moving it fixes that
I think it depends on the DS batch, color, or revision, I'm not sure. Or I'm just unlucky. :(

Between me and my siblings, we have 4 DS Lites:

1) My first one was just a Piano Black one. Its touch screen spontaneously broke, and the feel when the stylus was pressed on it was not solid, so it was a tad unresponsive. After playing a lot of LEGO Rock Band the L+R just broke and all the face buttons concerning the controls (Left, Up, X, A) just stopped working at all. (2009-2010)

2) My brother's is the Crimson Red Dragon one, its touch screen was more responsive, and the buttons didn't wear out that much, considering he's really a rough user of electronics. Power switch's on the fritz though, and the slot-1 isn't reading so good now. (2009-2011 or present)

3) My 6 y/o sister's is a Metallic Silver, used and abused by her and my 5 y/o sister; the L and R still work great, the touch screen's really responsive and solid to the touch, face buttons haven't even lost their function. (2010-present)

4) Mine is a Crystal (or Polar, for the west, I think) White; I'm really careful of this one now, the touch screen's more solid to the touch than my first Piano Black, but my R is starting to become "soft" and isn't responding very well to light clicks. It's a bit young, bought only around the start of the year.
I got a black DSL in the first week they came out (late June 2006) and the hinge is slightly broken but still works perfectly, I guess some people are lucky and it lands correctly when you drop it etc, also I am notoriously careful with electronics
I got my Phat about a month after it came out and the Touch screen broke just before the DSL came out, so I got a smooth transition
I feel for you. I got my DS Lite in January 08 and it is still in flawless shape, but Im anal with my electronics.

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