Introducing my DIY Wireless SNES Gamepad

It took me a while to figure out how to use the video editing software to make something interesting. I think it's awesome!!! :lol: I am not saying it's good...but I do really like that I was able to create this myself! Not the music though...but that one really sets the mood and was the inspiration for nearly the entire intro. Hahahah.

If you like it please like and subscribe. I will be creating more video's about the gamepad and related items. A few planned things:
- Build a second one
- Make extra receivers for:
- Wii / GameCube
- SNES Classic Mini
- Original SNES

For that I really need to dig deep into my backups to find the Arduino sketches again! Kind of lost them... :shy:

Please let me know what you think of my video. Thanks. :D


Nice! But I thought you were going to show the process of actually building it tho...?
Thanks :D The build process back in 2016 when I made this controller wireless was not filmed...I only took a few pictures during the build. And a couple of debug and gameplay video's. But I am going to build a second one and that I will try to capture as much as possible.

The first step is locating the arduino code in my backups so I can flash a new one as a second player. Also need to think of a way to sync a controller to a receiver since it's kind of hard coded right now. But it might all take quite a while to complete, so there will most likely be a video of the progress as I go.

I will also upgrade the charging port on this one to USB C and was thinking of making a video about that. Then the inside is more visible than it was in this teaser video. ^_^
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