I'm Remastering the GBA Castlevania games trilogy entire Soundtrack

Title says it all haha.

This is something I had in mind from nearly a decade ago, but lacked any experience and the necessary tools to do it. Now that I have more experience, tools and music knowledge, and after remastering the NDS trilogy soundtracks, I can work with this project properly and the result is going pretty nicely!!!

I would like to special highlight Harmony of Dissonance, as that OST has pretty amazing tracks, and unfortunatelly is the most disliked one, as the only problem it got was bad instrumentation (The GBA had to process sound using its CPU instead of dedicated hardware like other Nintendo Consoles).

Hope there are some Metroidvania era fans that would like to help me to mod these arrangements into the Advance Collection, as there are leftovers for a in-game sound engine that uses streamed audio instead of the native music from the emulator.
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Sounds great so far. I'm a huge fan of the GBA and DS Castlevanias and have done some some remixes myself (for other games), so this checks all the boxes for me and I can appreciate how much work you must have put into this.

Also, I never got the hate for Harmony of Dissonance. It's my personal favorite of the GBA games. Then again people seemed to dislike Portrait of Ruin and I liked that one a lot, too.

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