I'm a birthday boy!

It's already September 21 in Taiwan... So I guess it's happy birthday for me!! :toot::toot:

For the "official" celebration I will have to wait a few hours though. Nonetheless I am excited despite my family.. not caring much about my birthday.
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@tomberyx by the way, I've been studying German in my school for nearly 6 years... yet I still don't know how do you guys say Happy Birthday :unsure:

Because in Polish we either say "Wszystkiego Najlepszego" (a bit general and fits for not just birthday, roughly translates to "Best Wishes") or "Sto lat" (only for birthdays, literally means wishing someone 100 years of life). In contrast in Chinese it's "生日快樂" which just means Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday=Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag =All the best for Birthday.

Strange but true;-)
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Your name" tsao" reminds me of a character in the game Suikoden 2, oh man what a great game and a great Character ;-)
I heard Suikoden 2 and couldn't resist chiming in: one of the most memorable and massive old-school jrpgs on PSX.
it could be that it was Tsai and not Tsao. The whole thing was a long time ago but still nice that your name Tsao reminds me of "Tsai". ;-) and the world of Suikoden 2 awakened in me ;-). I love this game, it just has something no game has ever achieved before. It's a shame that there is no move about it (not anime) ....

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