I'm a birthday boy!

It's already September 21 in Taiwan... So I guess it's happy birthday for me!! :toot::toot:

For the "official" celebration I will have to wait a few hours though. Nonetheless I am excited despite my family.. not caring much about my birthday.
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[hands to ears] "What is that racket? I can't get any rest next door!!! Not everyone does a fucking thing all day like you all!!! I'm about to call the authorities!!!"
[noting with surprise @tsao ] "Hi boy!?! So they're celebrating you.... I see...I see. I'll let this one pass. Is there any slice of cake left? Come on, make room, I'm starving! [pushing @AncientBoi away].
I was gonna say happy birthday.
So here you go: happy birthday in Taiwan.

But holy crap what is with the cum jokes
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