I switched to using a flip phone... and a DSi?!!

Even thought it's been said too many times, my generation are glued to their smartphones. I witness the everyday social damage that they cause in my high school (adding to how much of a train wreck that public high school is) and I even have started to feel that myself. I hate the reaction of whipping out my phone to endlessly scroll reddit whenever things aren't perfectly entertaining, and I find being without a internet device in my pocket to be a nice way to disconnect from my computer, which I sit at in most of the hours that I have to spend how I wish. Of course, I can't just go without a phone, being that I'm a teenager in a rather large city, that being unsafe in the eyes of my parents, so I settled on a flip phone. I found this device, an Alcatel Go Flip, running Kai OS 1.0, almost brand new at a thrift store a couple years back. For under 10 Canadian dollars, I found a rather new flip phone, with a perfect battery and the plastic film over the screens still on. At the time, I just thought it was cool to have a flip phone, especially one that had a nice display and internet capabilities, but now is a time that I am finally using it as a daily driver, other than a couple weeks testing it on and off. Of course, I won't be using the internet features, or that would just be defeating the purpose of my challenge of sorts in a worse form factor. My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, a device with an awful GPU which I swear I traded my cousin a couple pumpkin seeds for or something, so I wouldn't be gaming on it anyhow. This brings me to the second part of my somewhat retro (because I can't think of a better word for late 2000s) tech challenge.

My 3DS is in fact my favorite piece of tech (below my PC, of course). It's a "new" 3DS which I got used over a year ago. I have some fond memories with it, and I am very glad to own it. But of course, through it's previous life and it's current, it has gained some battle scars. Just like the OG 3ds, the new3ds scratches the top screen with the shell for the bottom. For a while, I found that my best course of action would be just to ignore it, since It rarely actually cover whatever was going on in my animal crossing or whatever I was up to on it. I was fine with this until maybe a couple weeks ago when I stumbled across a reddit thread of someone with the same issue. Someone in that thread suggested that anyone with this issue should buy a certain plastic polish. So, with my remaining money and a little help from my dad, I buy this plastic polish, and when first applied, it seemed to be working just fine. Of course, I really wanted to buff the imperfections on my 3DS screen (without ordering one), so I pressed a bit harder and squirted a little more onto the towel I was using and before I knew it, I managed to take off a good chunk of the glossy layer that was over the scratches. Of course, I'm very disappointed and quite frankly pissed off that I managed to damage the screen even more with the only money I had. My current solution is to attempt to buy a more expensive scratch removal solution that reverted the effects of the first product. This, even though I'm broke, should be here in a few weeks since I'm ordering it from amazon, with credit I will soon be receiving by returning a Corsair RGB fan that I neglected to read needs a RGB controller to show the RGB effect. For now, I don't want to use my 3ds since although it may be irrational, I don't want to damage it further while I'm waiting for a expensive repair product. That means for portable gaming, I'll be using a DSi XL, which I got from a trade in for my Switch lite and ACNH, a trade that seems stupid but I'm happy with. the reason I joined GBAtemp was because just before Covid really struck, I got a DSi and spent the joke that is online school trying out homebrew and such on it, and I wanted to re-live a happier time in my life by getting a DSi again. For this challenge, I want to use it not just as a gaming device, but also for its now somewhat ignored features. I want to neglect the smart capabilities of my flip phone and start using my DSi for it's camera and audio apps. It may seems strange in 2022 to be using a DSi as a camera and mp3 player, but It's something that I think will help me sort of appreciate the hardware and try to stray away from the 1 device model that most people my age are attached to.

So how long will I do this for? I'm sure that I will replace the DSi with my 3DS, being more capable and being able to do the same thing in a smaller package when it's back up to the best it can be, but I haven't decided when to ditch the flip phone. Who knows, maybe never? My school is on it's term break, and I haven't been able to test this out in the school environment, but maybe with the addition of a iPod, I can keep this going for a while.


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