I need help

So I might lose my dog if I can't come up with $350 dollars within 40 days. I'm moving and the apartments I'm moving have a $350 Dollar pet fee and I'm broke AF.I don't have a job (I have issues) and the Woman who has kindly taken me in can't pay for my dog. I need him because he is my emotional Support and I get depressed. I don't know what to do.
This is Tobi
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$350 for a dog? What the fuck, perhaps find a better place?
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Ive never heard of a pet fee for ANY living space, but that service pet idea dosent sound too bad
I had to pay $1200 for a dog deposit for the house I'm moving into. Pet fees are insane. Best of luck to you.
Start selling whatever stuff you dont need. Or things that you now you can buy back later in life. E.G video games.

I mean its pointless having consoles and games if your living on the street which is what i am guessing your end result will be if you dont gather the money you need.

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