I love the sky and ice cream

I love the sky. Whenever I look at it I feel at peace and relax. I've always wondered why the sky was blue, and what was beyond that blue sheet that divided us and the dark outer space. I love clouds especially. They are beautiful, they way they gracefully move according to the wind slowly, at their own pace, compared to a human's fast-paced life. I wish I was a cloud. ;_; Nature sure is beautiful. But ironically, I'm kinda afraid of heights. Not so much, but I still get nervous when I'm at a tall place.

I hate the ground. It feels so limiting, I blame gravity. I want to fly. I hate sitting on grass and soil for some reason. This happens most often when I'm camping, and I'm forced to camp on the wild grass. The mud disgusts me, I can't sit on grass and soil to save my own life. I just hate sitting on them for some reason, maybe it's because of the dirt? ... Okay and maybe it's also because of those random creepy bugs on grass that surprise the hell out of me.

I love ice cream. Especially coffee ice cream. It tastes really great, I just love it. I love drinking iced coffee too, awesome taste. :3 But ironically (again) I hate drinking "normal" coffee. I tried a sip once, and spat it out immediately. Bitter as hell, I don't understand why so many people love it. People tell me that they drink it to stay awake, but I bet that's just an excuse. A true man can stay awake even without that bitter concoction! :< BUT ironically (again again), I passed out once when I pulled an all nighter. I passed out and fell asleep on the floor. D:

I hate preparing food/cooking. I so bad at it. I can't even use a peeler to peel off potato skin properly. I was helping with the cooking the other day, and... I was... Peeling in the wrong direction. :/ Instead of peeling away from my body I peeled towards it, and you can guess what happened... Yup, I cut my thumb. :( I'm the slowest in my cooking class, and my food turns out pretty bad every time. It must be my genes :<... BUT BUT BUT ironically (again again again) my mother is great at cooking. She loves baking, although sometimes when experimenting with new things, the end product ended up different than expected... o_o

My PSP is getting a lot of love. I've been playing nothing but Persona 3 Portable recently. It's addicting as hell, no time for other games... As well as studies, but meh. :(

I'm starting to read more and more manga. I used to prefer watching anime more, but now I kinda prefer manga, cos mangas usually have an extended plot compared to the anime. Mahou Sensei Negima! FTW!!! But ALL of the manga I read have a common genre. A cup of coffee ice cream for those who can guess it. :B

I've been exercising more and more lately, and I can feel the results... Well kinda. I can do only one proper pull up before I go PLOP like bird droppings. I have not gained any weight for the past few months... A few months ago I was 50 kilograms, now I'm STILL 50 kilograms... Unexpected, I skip breakfast almost everyday. :V I'm 174 cm (don't ask me why, but I prefer using metrics), pretty short. Heh, but whatever, if I'm too tall I won't be able to kiss a girl well in future. :c

I remember my teacher once asking my class to discuss in groups about how a potato chip ends up on our table (how it's planted, harvested, shipped etc.)... My group... A group consisting of 2 clowns, 1 serious dude and 1 slacker (me). Other groups were discussing seriously, but my group... MY GROUP... Pffft. Let me just give you guys an extract from the outrageousness. :L

This is the original situation:
"I went to the supermarket to buy a bag of chips."

Their twisted version:
"It was love at first sight... Out of the countless bags of chips, I only saw you. You are special to me. I swept you off your feet, and brought you home to make love..."

And then

"I went into my room and opened the bag of chips, and ate one."

"I went into my private heaven. I ripped you open, put my hand into your sacred opening... I want you! I want to consume you!"

Etc etc. What a bunch of weirdos. @[email protected]

tl;dr, I got elected as the president of the Arctic State of Communisia.


I eat ice cream when the weather is freezing cold, because I'm hardcore like that.
ummm..... Ice cream........ I like the clouds as well, but I like the ground just as much and love looking at the clouds while laying on the grass. And ummmm.... Ice Cream.....

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