I got a cat

(Breaking character)

I know I’m allergic to cats… but I still let someone convince me to get a cat. I’m working on getting allergy desensitization shots for cats, but for now… well I have some others helping out with catto :rofl2:

Behold, a not yet named cat!
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I don't know why but your cat reminds me of a Cappuccino.

Aww :ha:

PS: I was allergic to cats too which is why my mum never let me had one. But when dumb sister brought Kiki to the apartment, my Allergy disappeared! :O !!!
It's a miracle.
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no name? Name him/her a cat-like Pokemon species I have a cat too named Giovanni wonder if he was named after the Team Rocket leader I've seen several cats named after Nintendo characters at the no kill shelter i used to volunteer at
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Here too some photos to catch the consensus of others and attract attention ... [secretly carrying a rag toy] ... and even this time I fell for it..."How cute!" :ha:
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Aww the scrunkly :wub: double click if you'd the scrunkly when :):):rofl2:

Also, fun fact! My dad actually has a cat allergy, but that seems to "skip a generation or two" according to him, and I don't have any allergies to that seems to be true.
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Awww, so cute. I want a cat too. I'm also allergic, so don't want to get one in my current place where I can't let it outside, and am limited on space.
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Cats instinctually want to bury their feces so they naturally head for the litter box, when it comes to pee though the instinct doesn't necessarily seem to extend to that.
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