I feel like an immortal

I have been here since late 2007. The users i have gotten to know and enjoy tend to fade in and out of my forum vision as time goes on. I feel like an immortal because I keep meeting new people and then eventually outstay them here at the Temp.

BoneMonkey- I never really got a personal relationship level with him, but I did get to enjoy his posts a whole lot. Eventually he posted outside of the Testing Area and got banned for thinking he was above the rules.

JPH- made me a ava/sig and the a few months later, hacked the temp... Weird.

Linkiboy-actually a girl, but interesting. Mostly inactive.

theworst- he didnt last long, but i though he was funny. Wished me happy birthday my first year here.

War/Science - i havent seen much from War for a long while and Science posts every once and a while, but not many know who he is anymore.

VVolts/Westside still post every once in a blue moon. But again, mostly from obscurity.

NeSchin-Makes kick ass music and hes friendly, but never really comes around anymore. You can find 2 of his old EPs from his old band in the Books, Music, TV and Movies section.

There is a whole slew of them that i have befriended and then they moved up to a position of power though.

Raulpica- has always been there for me. :wub: fav supervisor

Hadrian- he was/is hilarious. :wub: fav Former Staffer.

ProtoKun-We had a decent working relationship at least at one time.

Guild-Has been around and is a class favorite for most. Ive watched him for a long time now.

Vulpes- I started liking him after he became mod material. We kinda built a friendship.

Mthrnite- seems to be kinda missing like most of the higher powers actually...

I dont know, looking through my old blogs and seeing some of the heavyweights that posting when i was a young member makes me nostalgic.
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Well not entirely. I mean i have just been around for a long ass time. I understand the workings here and the reasons things work the way they do.

I saw the seemingly unjust censorship and banning of PharohsVizer or whatever, the merry go round of Valwins trolling, the unbanning of guilty and the banning of the innocent.

its just interesting. some of the bigger names just drop off into obscurity after a few years almost never to be seen again. Twiffles, Phoenix Goddess, prowler...
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