I am super shaken right now. My grandmother was visiting and parked her car in our driveway, and I was taking the trash cans back from being emptied when this tiny '04 Honda Civic crashes head-on into the minivan that my grandmother drives. It happened THREE FEET from where I was standing. i was crying so hard afterward because if it hadn't been for the car, I would've died. The woman was looking at her phone when she crashed and was lucky to escape with minor injuries. No one else got hurt but OH MAN, that was so scary!
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I was expecting click bait title.

Glad you're okay tho, also

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@mikey420 really? O.o

I have an online friend, he recently got a heart surgery, and when he went back home
He fell down the stairs. and (idr the name of that organ) teared the sack around his heart
So he went back to hospital :(
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Yeah was pretty crazy. Ended up with a defibulator/pacemaker... I felt fine up until I suddenly collapsed at work... Well long story short a heart arythmia combined with a condition called myocarditis caused my blood pressure to tank and my heart to race in excess of 200 bpm trying to compensate for the drop in blood pressure. Yet somehow I never actually went into cardiac arrest. Though my doctors are still astounded as to how I survived in that state for over 30 minutes without help... I'm turning 30 this December and already my ticker is failing.
first, 200bpm? are you serious?
That's my minimal bpm when starting cardio-training
I can top like 230-240 when doing too much of it
though, doctors say its due to the medecine i take :P
Well fair enough but at rest that's an absolutely insane heart rate. Not to mention sustained for well over 30 minutes rather dangerous under most circumstances. My usual resting rate was 60/70 bpm. My typical heart rate under stress never peaks beyond 170. Or never did before.... Regardless the combination of rather unlikely circumstances resulted in a sever worsening of my heart arythmia. To a point where my doctors felt a pacemaker needed.
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Thank you ALL for your sympathy. It really means a lot :)
I still feel really terrible about that whole thing but I'm glad that you guys are here for me :)
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That's why you have your phone off when you're driving, some people just don't get it do they? It's for the saftey of you and others. It won't kill you to have a missed call.
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@SimonThe3rd well, IDK if you fully read the blog
but it wasnt about phone while driving

the guy just didnt use his flasher
@Noctosphere I'm confused, it says in the post "The woman was looking at her phone when she crashed and was lucky to escape with minor injuries." Am I missing something?
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Was the lady that caused the accident young? Usually it's highschoolers and teenagers that cause these kinds of accidents since they are more focused on their Snapchat and Instagram then actually paying attention to their surroundings.

Also happy that you came out of this incident without getting injured.

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