Haven't been around for a while

Just been away for a bit thinking and stuff and after a few months isolating myself I was told it was a good idea to atleast try to be more social with the world again so this is suppose to be one of those small steps towards it in my own little way since it is a little enjoyable typing up these blog entries and I do miss being on GBATemp quite a bit since it was a nice community and is really fun but its a little hard since I don't have much of an interest in the whole console gaming at the moment and after I bought a new phone I been obsessively trying to get more and more JRPGs for it.

As like a few months ago I been playing a whole lot more VNs since I found them quite nice and a good break from the console games but I didn't really miss out on the PSP releases since I did get Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and the new BlazBlue and Black 2 for the DS since they are the only ones I want at the moment so I thought it would be nice to get them. I been really engrossed in Hoshizora no Memoria at the moment, for a VN its quite nice and it has a good atmosphere and pace for me which does make it quite enjoyable, definitely a recommend VN if you feel interested in playing them for the first time since it is quite long and it has a nice range of characters. Also just started watching Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica just cause I said i'l watch it last year but never got around to it and since alot of things happened, still on the 1st episode since i'm not into anime much lately no idea why but gaming feels more enjoyable than anime is to me at the moment but I guess these things take time to sort itself out since I have been out of it for a while now and I need time for things to get to normal.

I don't know if its just me but I wish I could get some more VNs for my android phone since its portable and stuff and its just niuce to be able to enjoy those games you really enjoy on the go and when I can't carry my laptop with me. I just felt like writing this now since i'm up late and I got some time to think about how I feel and stuff anyway I don't expect anyone to respond or care but whatever.



Seems like you wrong today, Im kind of in the same boat as you as I kind of slacked off but finaly got bothered to join this awesome place.
and making attempts to be more social.
So HI :D

Enjoy the fact you got my first post... or whatever

Anyway I hear you about the android phone buissness.
Kind of got some issue where I fill it up with what I like to call "Will test it out some day" games that never get executed.
but in the end I run out of space for the things I realy need. Thats annoying.

Anyway just sayen Hi and someone did read your post.

Happydays Nighty :P

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