Greetings all, you likely don't recall me, I am not offended :)

Dropping this post in General gaming, because, it's pretty general over all.

I just performed a rather milestone moment.

They're gone. Yep, I bought myself a rather beautiful 10k white gold ring with my birthstone (aquamarine), that came with matching earrings and necklace. And I am using the sale of the PS3 (it was a good one) and my DSiXL as a means of price reduction on the ring (300 bucks is what it is eh :) ).

No I am not out the ability to play my games, just no longer on the cramped tiny doesn't serve to be called XL DS. I have switched all my DS gaming to my Nexus 7 (much larger screen), using a program called Dr Drastic (I recommend this for any Android supporters, best $6.50 I have spent in a while). The emulation is very nice.

Alas, all my prior saves seem gone. But so what, most of my games don't need a save that badly. It will suck playing some of my gem games to the point I had reached again though. Oh well.

I think over all, the writing is on the wall. The latest incarnation of cash grab, that being the newest form of the 3DSXL has to be about the worst way to spend 300 plus bucks unless you are a hopeless child and can't afford a real device like something using Android. If I had 300 bucks to spend on a doodad, I'd just upgrade my Android situation (my Nexus 7 is earlier generation).

Why play a DS game on a cramped screen for no good reason? Why pay 300 bucks for a DS when something in Android is self evidently superior. I'm not saying the games are bad, but, the machines, they have been so completely left in the dust. Even Windows 8 has more value than a 3DS :)

I've seen Windows on a 7 inch tablet too by the way. All the thrill of playing all your PC games as if they were DS games, on a screen that is clearly too small for the experience :) Windows is just too hard on anything under 10 inches. And you likely will need a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I consider my HP Streamer an emergency computer if something should ever happen to the laptop. The HP Streamer can do everything the lap top can, but I need to wear my glasses while using it :)

I have seen the PS4 get meh from my hard core gamer friend that buys everything. If he doesn't have one, it means it wasn't the PS4 winning over XBox One, it was games appearing on Steam winning over consoles.
It looks like consoles have lost their uniqueness, and their edge, and now, it looks like the PC has the last laugh. That's just me making a conclusion. When a hard core gamer tells me he is not expecting to need the PS4, because all the games will be available through Steam, the writing is on the wall.

Not that it truly matters to me. I was never genuinely a console gamer. I gave it a try. But it is not for me.

The DS was a nice way to carry oodles of games in a purse, and then the tablet beat the DS at it's own game.
The old pocket argument, it's no longer valid. I can put my Nexus 7 anywhere you can put a DS. And the Nexus does all the things the DS can't as well. The only downside to the tablet choice, price tag. Not that price matters any more. New tablet or new 3DSXL, same investment.

Anyway, nice to say hello to any faces that have been around for a while. My first DS is circa 2006. I have not been by here in a couple of years.

DS games are still some of the best game choices for the on the go gamer. I've seen enough Android titles all full of WTF. I just don't need a flashcart any more to interface with the device. Now the game file is just a piece of data on the drive to access.


Interesting, I posted this in General Gaming discussions and someone must have moved it here.

Kind of rude if you as me. I regard it as the equal of being told to go away.
Yeah I remember you lol, that kinda old dude who posted blogs on GBAtemp ways back (like '09).

"Why play a DS game on a cramped screen for no good reason? Why pay 300 bucks for a DS when something in Android is self evidently superior."
Exclusive games.
It's just that this kind of stuff goes into Blogs. You know, personal rants? :P

By the way, try playing a game which requires precise input without physical controls. It's hell, I tell you. I use Drastic as well, but only for touch-only games, the rest needs to be played on a real machine.

Also it's obvious that the Nexus 7 can do things the DS can't do, it came out almost 10 years later!

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