Got my 2nd Twitter account suspended.


If you need to use twatter to keep up with someone, they're probably not worth keeping up with IMO
i have a twitter account mainly to look at furry.... things

thats rather bit sussy innit bruv

anyway yeah ive had my twitter accs suspended like twice, first time it hit both at once AND any acc i made with "jeffy" in the @ (this was back in 2018) but i managed to get the accs back, and then my main acc (@jeffystreet) gos suspended and i couldn't get it back so i moved to my alt (@jeffysfirstbot) and then THAT got suspended, so i live at @RVL_101 now

on tumblr you can tear people a new one and not worry about anything but on twitter if you so much as say "i dislike [person]" the moderation "team" (bots, like miiverse) will kill you on the spot
ALSO recently my current acc (rvl_101) and the inspector gadget acc i made (@jeffysgadgetbot) got locked, so to get my main back i made a new google acc so i could use another google voice number since my existing one wasn't allowed? also 4 funzies i made it jevil themed lol

anyway sorry for the long ass comment
I've got a Twitter just to follow the progress about Super Mario Land DX 2.0.
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Yeah, I know how you feel. I got suspended once for saying too harsh. So I got second account. And now my first suspended was unsuspended and I have two accounts now. I will keep them just in case. Dont say anything too harsh according to their rules. I know, its ridiculous but that's their stupid rules.

I like twitter better than Facebook, to be honest with you.

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