GameCube Backup Launcher 0.2

GameCube Backup Launcher 0.2 for Wii

- Increased speed of reloader
- Fixed bug in PokeMon XD
- Increased speed of audio fix stuff
- Allow to select to start disc itself when using a multi game disc
- Avoid green screen when starting a game (button A)
- Disc change support on startup screen
- Disc change supported for all start methods
- Fixed Kirby's Air Ride
- Fixed non working PAL games on PAL console, when pressing B (e.g. Wario World)
- Support for Freeloader
- Support for Action Replay
- The loader will change the screen format in Wii mode to the screen format of the disc inserted at startup (this solves NTSC problems).

Installation is same as old versions.

Update information:
You don't need to run miospatcher, if you already have a previous version and only want to use "rungcbackup" for starting.
If you want to use Wii Backup Launcher or the disc channel for starting, you need to run miospatcher (and press X).


[quote name='Cyan' post='2507742' date='Jan 3 2010, 07:36 PM'][quote name='hockey11' post='2507543' date='Jan 3 2010, 05:49 PM']thanks wiigator

i was wondering this backup launcher supports a multi iso disk?
and can i also play my legit gamecube games with this without problems

Multi iso disk works.
You have a menu to select which game to launch.
Multi disk games on a multi iso disk works too, you need to select the DVD2 with Z before launching DVD1. Then in the game, when you need to insert the disk2, eject and reinsert your multi-iso disc.

About legit, they are working too, but for I got an error with some of them (Zelda Ocarina of time Master quest).

For me, the GameCube Launcher menu is not showing at all. It boots the games using the GCOS menu on multi iso disk, so I'm pretty sure the Wiikey1 make the Wii think it's a legit disk and the launcher run it as a legit instead of a multi iso, showing the main GCOS .dol
(I didn't read report of other users about that, so I may be wrong).

ohh ok thanks
Do i need a gamecube controller or can i play with a classic controller as well?
you need a gamecube controller.
The wii runs in GameCube mode, there is no Wii hardware capability.
[quote name='Jero25' post='2212336' date='Aug 26 2009, 06:15 PM']To unplug the controller inmediately after the game starts loading, and plugging it again once it has loaded will do the trick. :)[/quote]

thank you for that!

was a long time ago but fix'd my problem
I'm completely new to everything so call me a complete noob. I'm having trouble running the miospatcher. The app loads, but it takes me to a black screen that I have to restart the wii to escape. The same thing happens with the backup launcher itself.

My Wii's on system menu 4.2U
I have BootMii installed as boot2 (fortunately) and I backed up my NAND incase anything goes wrong.

Any advice?
great work on the backup launcher. problem is it seems most of the backups i want to play dont work lol. hoping ur next release will include support for the Splinter Cell games and hopfully Summoner. Summoner plays up to the point of right after the 1st Palace visit. try to move on to the next part on the world map and it freezes. great job otherwise, was able to play Metal Gear Solid and Starfox Assult. hope to see a 0.3
Please wiigator can you just fix the menu to show a list of games on a muti disk. And no 0 bl bl gameid, just start with the 1 game and so on. Next all my games work fine with the start button. But I always end up pressing A or something when play Zelda collectors edition. So why not make A button reload as well as start button. I tryed woninkoko 0.5 and I liked the menu kinda but non of my gc games worked with it. So I went back to using yours, I just thank the menu could be better.
Ok when I boot it up my video goes out so I have to navigate the menu blind. Can this be fixed?
Hey Wiigator, can you help me? I tried 0.1 and 0.1 xi and they both work fine, but 0.2 gives me problems. All games and the loader itself (when selecting a multidisc game) flicker, display in black and white, and in the loader's case, have the video display moving from the top of the tv to the bottom in a loop. It seems like I'm playing a region protected game, but I live in the U.S., the games are all NTSC, and I select NTSC for each game. Is the loader itself region protected or am I doing something wrong?
wiigator, hows it going man, ya know i hate to sound pushy, but i see that you havent been active at all in 2010 :( . im gettin worried her bro :unsure: have you thrown in the towel?

i was also just wondering if you are going to be realeasing GC Backup Launcher 0.3 anytime soon? i miss playing all of my favorite 007 games. i would really hate to see you go away man
[quote name='SwampFox56' post='2797132' date='May 1 2010, 02:18 AM']wiigator, hows it going man, ya know i hate to sound pushy, but i see that you havent been active at all in 2010 :( . im gettin worried her bro :unsure: have you thrown in the towel?

i was also just wondering if you are going to be realeasing GC Backup Launcher 0.3 anytime soon? i miss playing all of my favorite 007 games. i would really hate to see you go away man[/quote]Umm, he hasn't logged on since June 2009.
Okey. I have a wii which is on 3.2E Softmodded. And I burned a multi game iso. And then I put it on the Wii. Then I start the GC loader and it comes up a message: Failed reading dvd error 263.
I use TDK DVD-R. I bought the Wii in June 2008. I have installed cMIOS rev5 and patched it. But still not working... Neogamma doesn't work either...i get an error.
I've searched everywhere on google without any solution. Any suggestion what may be the problem here?
Someone help me please. I really want to play Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, I have for years. But it keeps telling me there's no memory card in Slot A, when in fact there IS a memory card in slot A. Please help me get this fixed..
Nice upload; will try it out once I get home. I'm guessing some games are still not working? Also, can we use it to load Gamecube games from an SD or USB?
[quote name='adriande2' post='3514847' date='Mar 12 2011, 08:40 PM']I'm starting to think this is the last update for this program.[/quote]
Me too and where is the download link? the one at the beggining is not working anymore...
please take a look at the Neogamma R9 Beta stickies in the backuploaders section of this board.
It contains EVERYTHING regarding to backup loading.
Neogamma R9 is pecifically meant to enhance playing GC backups.
GC backup launcher is hopeless out of date.

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