GameBoy 1989 - 2019


They are pretty reliable, like most old Nintendo things. Few electronic devices come near three decades. The (S)NES consoles have seen TVs come and go. Sadly nothing lasts forever.

The DMG-001 with it’s greenish screen…
  • No backlight
  • Slow
  • Low contrast
  • Outdated in every way one can imagine.
Still… I love this thing!

About two or three years ago one of my video recorders gave up the ghost because of worn video heads. VHS was one of the few good parts of my childhood. Guess how it felt to hear: “Does not matter! VHS is bad and outdated.” It is already pretty hard to get good VHS recorders in good condition (can be quite expensive). And the tapes… goes to much off-topic.

The DMG-001 is easier to replace at the moment. But: This sucks! Maybe someone with more knowledge about these thing can still repair it or at least salvage some parts.
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Thank you my Friends.:)

For today is enough,I think that´s it for the Gameboy.
I have to accept it.
What makes me sooo sad: This I my Wifes FIRST Video Game Device,she grew up with it and makes me feel a little sad,that I am not able to fix it.......:sad:

For today,that is all.

Thank you for reading and Good night.:)
Assuming the board is totally dead, this is what I would do... buy a Game Boy with a cracked or damaged screen and swap the boards.

Otherwise, original screens, buttons, shell, etc, are hard to come by and could make you some money selling them on ebay.
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@ChiefReginod is totally right! You can still save it for your wife :)
It may not have the same insides but it'll be the same at least on the outside!
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Good Morning.:)

Thank you my friends for cheering me up.
That is very,very kind frpm you all.:)

After a very well sleep last night,I have also this thoughts too (buying an "Display" broken GameBoy and swap the Board)
The Shell remains and that is ok after 30 Years.:)

Thank you for reading and your kind words.Thank you.:)
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Hello GBA Friends.:)

The GameBoy has done his Job,he may go now.....

To buy an Broken one is no Option...the People who sells them must be insane....50-70 Euros for broken GameBoys or "maybe a little malfunction"....NO.

My Wife and I have agreed to use the GameBoy Advance SP for further play.:yaysp:
Thank you.:)

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