Friday 21th August 2020 .....


Vacation (Urlaub) has begun.:)

I have sorted out some Things I wanted to do in the next 2 Weeks.

Some "Things" let me think of a little....

"Found" again my liking for classic "Hörspiele" (Radio Plays) from the 70s and 80s.
Also have an "Ear" on newer Releases/Reboots/New Editions from my favorite Series.

Time for a little "Peace" and slow down....the last Months/Weeks where very exciting and fast.
Thinking on 1-2 "Persons" and maybe lose Contact to them.....own wish or maybe not,I do not know....

Thinking about some "Issue" with my Tongue in the last Weeks...

Maybe it is correct...50th Birthday makes Humans maybe "really" change or "transform"...I do not know...

Getting some new Disney Infinity Star Wars Figures,unfortunately without Laser Swords.
Told it to the Seller........that does not interest him....*sigh*,honestly,do not either.

Found a 80 GB HDD full with MP3 Files....funny......there are the "Radio Plays" I have searched for...
Listen some of them today...very nice.....brings Memories back....nice Memories.

Did not find the DVD with the "Micky Maus" Magazines from 1975 - 1984 - also Childhood Memories...
Searched the Internet...find many again but also many of them not.....

Looked over a couple of DVD Spindles (previous filled with Verbatim DVD-R´s).....most of them contains really old DVD-R´s.
Downloaded Stuff......but no longer of Interest for me...
Old (really old) Movies in MP4 Format,PC Games (mostly Hidden Objects and Time Management,Adventures......),looked on Steam and GOG......most of this Games already purchased.....

Really no Console Games ?

XBox (1.Generation) on 5 - 6 Devices (No Backup)
Wii and GameCube on HDD (No Backup)
PlayStation 2 Games on HDD (No Backup)
Dreamcast on SD Card. (No Backup)
GameBoy Advanced on EZ Flash (No Backup)
DSi on 2 Flashcarts (No Backup)
3DS Games installed in SD Card (No Backup)

Stumbling over Super Nintendo (Games).....
Ah,there is my last GameCube....

Ha,there are some CDs - PlayStation / PSX.
Wii U Games installed on an HDD. (Backup somewhere on an 1 TB HDD,I have no Idea were....)

Hmm...must be over 1000 Games......

Seems a little Mess in the Video Game Room lately.....
Honestly...I do not is not important to me.

Wait...what is that ?
I have a lot of Original Wii/PlayStation 2/XBox Games ? Not possible.....
Forgot about it,I "stuffed it" a long Time ago under a big Seating Solution.....weird...

Most of the "free Space" here is occupied with PC Parts.....waiting to be re-assembled...,not again,Boxes with Cables/Plugs....oh no.....not again.....

Maybe reached the Point of (no Re)turn ?

Oh,Breakfast in about 6 Hours.:)


Unknown.....since I do not "consult" a Doctor (I have neglected my Oral Hygiene a couple of Weeks my own Fault....),I think it was some Kind of "Spores".In the meantime Kerstin (my great White Witch,I love her...) made me an "natural" Medicine and I think I got it now "under Control".

So,I only can "recommend": If you eat many Fast Food --->>> Mouth/Teeth/Oral Hygiene is very,very,really important !
Damn Alexander... looks like you need to manage your devices properly.
Do as I do:

Put everything you will use closer to you, and the things you won't ever fucking use put them somewhere unreachable.
Works fine backwards too.

Things you don't want them to get lost, put them in unreachable places, so you won't be able to move them around preventing them from getting lost over time.

Now I'm thinking: Damn, this guy Alexander must own a big house in order to lose that much stuff. :lol:

Now, your story sounds like... maybe I'd dare to say: A Nostalgia Trip with things you own...
This ain't my business... but if you have children, it might be as well a good time to show them things you like, and maybe, get them interested on them, so they can get carried on and preserved by them.

PS: Learn to properly manage your devices dude. Loosing stuff is not fun.

Imagine if someone comes and tells you: Hi! I have a box with all the stuff you've lost over time.
I'd be happy because I'd be able to get my Pokemon Tazos back!

Just saying: Be that guy. Be the guy that will eventually tell you: I've saved these memories pal, let's enjoy the old happy memories ride.
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Do you use an ECig by any chance because it can cause your Tongue and Mouth to Dry Out resulting in Black Tongue.

Drink more Water and you could use some Cider Vinegar/Lemon Juice on affected area use Toothbrush to gently brush away Brushteeth well and Rinse well after all Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice work wonders but they are Corrosive.

Finally a gargle of some Salt Water would not go a miss to kill some nasty Bacteria.

I know you said your all good now but just letting you know :D
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Thank you for your Help,my Friend.:)
Yeah,it seemed it was "nasty Bacteria"...but as I mentioned,it was my own Fault.
And thank you,I have already "used" some of your Advises.
Instead of Vinegar/Lemon I use the miracle Tincture from my Wife (made of only natural Herbs and neutral Alcohol).
And also my personal long Time (I used it my whole Life for many "Issues") "Favorite" - Schwedenbitter.

Thank you.:)
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Hello my friend Alexander1970,

Yes, storage is much better to find all those DVDs, consoles, ...... later.

Enjoy your vacation, don't forget the aperitif
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