Exams....then Spain!!!!!

Haha, only two more exams to go and then I am off to Madrid for an epic holiday involving much Sangria, glorious Alberto, and of course the dangerously hot Cristina!!!! Epic win for me.....now I just need to pass the exams....


Do you realize that it is Winter here too?
Just two days ago we had a strong snowstorm and the forecast is rain and cold for the next few days. Certainly not an ideal weather for Sangria, which is a Summer beverage.
I will be really surprised if you found some place that will serve it. Maybe in tourist restaurant but it will be expensive. Your best option is going to a large supermarket and hope they have some bottles or, if you go to a friend's house, make some there.
Haha, I am very aware that the weather sucks. But I doubt it is possible for it to be worse than here (360 days of rain a year). Of course as an irishman I can always find booze, and I expect if I pester him enough alberto will make sangria for me.

Also, what's the guinness like? (I know, fly across europe and still ordering guinness....sad really)
I dunno how you guiris like sangria that much...it ain't nothing special. I'd rather have some fresh Paulaner or Stella.

Be sure to stop by Salamanca, home of Waninkoko!!
I live in Salamanca too, HARD party here every day of the week, WAY better than coffee'ing Wanin.
We haven't got anything equivalent to Sangria here (Shandy?)..... don't get me wrong, it's not quite good irish whiskey, and it's certainly no guinness, but it's a pretty awesome drink nonetheless. I expect if you have it so accessable you'd get bored of it.
Good luck man, and enjoy the trip. Sangria, irish stout, it's all good. Drink and be merry!
Ganbei! (Drink up!)

Yeah, I would die for some nice weather. I almost tripped and landed arse-first into a snowbank today. (I'm 5 foot nothing - a shortie.)
Well, my trip just took an unfortunate turn....Cristina...possibly the greatest girl in the world....has had her exam moved, so I shall no longer see her on my trip. I still have Alberto....but it is rather disappointing.

FUCK YOU WORLD.....karma owes me big time for this.

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