Edition the First: Birth of a God... err... Blog

Yeah, I totally just made an FF7 joke in the title. :D

Anyways, just writing this because I have pretty much finished setting my profile up. Got my signature resized (and reorganized to fit the size requirements here), got my profile background up (made it myself too!), and got a blog set up (you're reading it now!! :3), so I think I'm good to go.

I've been registered here for a while, but I think now is the time that I shall begin to frequent the site. I've acquainted myself with some of the IRC folks, and even made a couple friends here (I'm looking at you, Aurora!). So all is going well.

I'll reintroduce myself for those who don't know me too well. Which is probably most of you.

My name is Mirby here, but I don't mind if you call me by my real name (Taylor Lyndis Brown). I'm almost 22, and I'm transgender, male-to-female. I've been on hormones for a little over a year ('bout 13 months now) and it's going great. Never been happier. I've played many games (check the link in my sig to see an outdated list of games I've beaten; last count was... 180-something...) and also worked on a few hacks too (Dr. Wily didn't work out too well... stupid palettes). I can rip the music from any DS game with a high level of success, so I'm experienced in that too. Also, I have an encyclopedia's worth of knowledge pertaining to various subjects (mostly video games, but there's a few other things in there too) up in the ol' noggin, so feel free to ask me anything. This does come in handy, as I'm also a gaming journalist (albeit still in the "aspiring" stage). I'm well known around the VGM remixing community as well (I actually write for ThaSauce.net and participate in the compos there from time to time), and I'm beginning to try my hand at remixing. Not too hard, rather fun actually.

And now, I'll leave you with three things, and I shall end my blogs with these same three things each time. Think of it as a footer.

Mood: Really happy, but tired. It is almost 5:30 AM after all.
Listening to: Kingdom Hearts II - The Corrupted [05:05/01:21] [psf2|6 Kbps|48 KHz]
Random Fact: Within the file structure of the recently released Kirby Mass Attack, there is a folder named "crap." Within that folder lies a single file, named "crap.dat". So it's /crap/crap.dat. Interesting, isn't it?
Good night, and until next time... game on!


I have about 10 romhack projects sitting unfinished on my computer (mostly NES, but I think there's a NSMB one too)

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