So yeah beta testing is avaible on LoL for the new dominion mode. Guess what? I played against Fnatic Mellisan on my 9th match...
Yeah, you heard right.. Fnatic... Oh well its Mellisan, known for his support. He did the worst out of all the team though.

Well for my long awaited next kpop song!(bet u missed this one)
The song is in Japanese btw!
2PM - I'm Your Man



I've yet to try Dominion. I hope Beta testing is still available, for I just got back from my monthly braces appointment. Sigh, huge waste of 2 hours of my life. Anyways, gonna try Dominion out.
It's on right now. :lol:

I just finished a game, we were losing 77 to 450.

then we won with 3 Nexus HP to spare.
Well Dominion is like you always lose unless your premade. I went 3 premades with my friends and guses what? We won 4 out of 5. Yeah... the last one was a loss to Fnatic Mellisan..
also played it, nice pace of change from summoner's rift.
though, i've been called a nub on my first match for not knowing the exact gameplay, even though most people were new there <.<
[quote name='ProtoKun7' post='3900594' date='Sep 23 2011, 07:36 PM']Here's me thinking you were talking about shapeshifters from the Gamma Quadrant. :<[/quote]
Haha, better luck next time!
[quote name='ProtoKun7' post='3900795' date='Sep 23 2011, 10:17 PM']I didn't actually think that, but you know...:ninja:[/quote]

(&#9582;°-°)&#9582;&#9523;&#9473;&#9523; ( &#9583;°&#9633;°)&#9583; &#9531;&#9473;&#9531;
Gave it a try yesterday night and I loved it :D. Master Yi in Dominion is just beast. Owned an Akali with ~150 AD ~150 AP and a Mordekaiser with ~300 AP haha.
Lol. Go capture build teemo/eve with tons of movement speed as you see you outwit the whole enemy team by capturing the 2 location near their base :P
[quote name='machomuu' post='3901157' date='Sep 24 2011, 01:57 AM']2PM...why do they sound familiar...[/quote]

They just pop up every 24 hours at exactly 2PM.
Oh, a Tetris remix on Osu! was made by a group called 2pm. Not these guys, probably.
[quote name='machomuu' post='3901188' date='Sep 24 2011, 02:07 AM']Oh, a Tetris remix on Osu! was made by a group called 2pm. Not these guys, probably.[/quote]
Lol. Random much xD

My main is Teemo ._. yet I fail with Teemo in Dominion. Tanks/off-tanks/dps-tanks are generally better in this game mode :/

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