Dog Trainer for Nintendogs DS – a Cash Grab by Datel (picture <400KB)

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Sometimes I can't help myself and buy the most ridiculous things on the used market despite knowing in advance that they are completely useless. This is the "Dog Trainer" by Datel:


It is a device otherwise known as a Powersaves (which is still available for the 3DS family). This thing is able to overwrite the current save on a DS game cartridge with some good or "perfect" or 100% saves that are preloaded on it. Datel prodcued a thing called "Action Replay Max GBA / Max Drive DS" which, if I got this correctly, is a true Action replay for GBA (real cheats) and a Powersaves for DS games with the possibility to backup&restore saves and download new saves from the internet → USB cable. Since "Action Replay Max GBA / Max Drive DS" is very expensive, I'll most likely not get my hands on it.

The dog trainer isn't as versatile. On the DS (Phat|Lite) it goes into SLOT-2 and starts (no surprise) in GBA mode. All it can do from there is write a selected save onto the DS game inserted into the huge beast (I have one inserted on the picture). The "true" Powersaves supported a variety of games and allowed some kind of cheating before SLOT-1 encryption was reverse-engineered making true Action Replay DS (as well as R4 carts possible). The cash grab I have here is only able to load saves onto three editions of Nintendogs (I bought one of them right with the useless device for testing: Works) and as bonus not mentioned on the outside of the package: Super Mario 64 DS. That's it. No updates, no other games. Nothing.

Having no interest in Nintendogs I would never have considered buying either the game or the cheat device as new items (not supporting greed). Well, Datel will not earn any money from me buying this used, so I thought: Why not?
The only thing a bit remarkable about this is the year date 2005 on the package. It appeared pretty early in the DS lifespan. Now it will disappear in my collection.

No, Datel, no. This gives a facepalm.🤦‍♀️

Woman Facepalming on Facebook 13.1

That's more like it. Facepalm!


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