Corona Virus - No effective remedy against it....really ?


As maybe some attentive GBAtemp User have noticed,I use this Spray since 3 Years (because I work with Childs).

Today I looked through my "Storage" and found some interesting Thing(s).
Except the "Outer" has changed in the last Year something more interesting has changed:

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GD means the Producton Year - so /20 for 2020 and /18 for 2018.

Funny,they know Coronavirus in 2018......

Please make yourself a "Picture" of this.......


you do realise coronavirus is just a general term, right? there's tons of corona viruses. hell even cats and dogs are carriers of corona
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Wasn't SARS considered a coronavirus too? Or was it not known as that back then in the mainstream? Mind you, I'm speaking as an American. I have no idea how it works over in the EU over there from personal experience.
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@Silent_Gunner yep, sars, mers, etc. are all part of the corona virus family.
hell even the common cold is caused by a corona virus
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Dude, Coronavirus is not new.
Literally many kinds of Coronavirus has existed long before this one.

What happened is (presumably) that China's Coronavirus evolved from a seemingly un-threathening virus to a letal one thanks to China's Farm Animal hygiene measures.
It just took years (or months) to mutate to this lethal new kind.

That's why Coronavirus was known way before than this one.

Some experts says that if Chinese would've taken more care of their Hygiene, this situation could've been preventable.
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If i recall correctly they had to change labels on bottles such as the one you pictured, because there were people who thought it would help against covid-19 because people now think corona virus = covid-19 only
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believe what you want dude, there's also only 1 type of cat and only 1 type of dog, there's totally not different types of the same kind of animal ;)
granted i don't know if your last reply was sarcastic or not, it reads as such
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@JuanMena And those "experts" probably aren't allowed to say the real, actual systemic problem that leads to the Chinese being neglectful of their hygiene...(hint, it has something to do with their government being an actual threat that commits human rights violations the like of which would make all of the fucking BS you see people rioting in the streets in certain parts of the US over seem like child's play by comparison)
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For some reason I thought that these were the kind of sprays that you can snort to cleanse your nose.
Now I see that these are for surface cleaning.

I'm sure you know (or st least heard) about bunch of americans getting to the hospital because their president told them to inject Bleach, Hydrochi-something and other chemical compounds because they were proven effective to kill Coronavirus?
Yeah... this kinda makes it sound like that occasion.

It actually makes sense adding Coronavirus on the label as it's been shown/proofed that Alcohol, Bleach, Lysol and other cleaning chemicals are able to get rid of Coronavirus on surfaces.

Just do us a favor, and don't go injecting that on you, other children or your family.

@Silent_Gunner Yes that's actually true, but whatever the cause was, it was totally preventable.

Did you guys know that China just had more viruses going out of labs this past week?
Edit: Actually Brucellosis
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do you know, Dettol antiseptic can kill the Corona virus? yes, the corona at 2003. so we can call it COVID-03
but now, i use dettol to clean any stuff from outside like electronics, snack, chemicals bottle and everything.
Oh dear.... you realize that the SARS outbreak in 2002 is a Coronavirus right? Like you get that the name of this virus isn't 'Coronoavirus' and coronavirus is just the kind of virus that is? A term that has been around for quite some time.
While I tend to agree that others may have a point about Coronavirus strains going back years, I believe that @alexander1970 is probably right in assuming that COVID-19 may be misnamed, and based on its earliest rumored year of existence, be named COVID-18. Who knows what all diseases China has, and which ones may be used as biological weapons against the nation's enemies? Only the government there knows for sure, and it would be scary to find out everything they do know.
weapons against the nation's enemies
Dude... do China thinks that the whole world is it's enemy?

Besides, if we're going to address that hypothesis... there's a rumour going on that says that USA bought COVID-19 from CANADA and planted it on CHINA as some sort of revenge for the commercial war that's been going on between Usa and China.
@JuanMena Where do you get all these rumors? From 4chan? I've never heard of these, and I wouldn't put a lot of stock in them unless more info is revealed to buffer these claims. There's more solid evidence that China had bioengineered COVID-19 themselves than this Canada-to-U.S.-to-China theory; scientists from China have escaped to the U.S. tell the tale, and some who have told about it on the net were ordered by Chinese officials to be quiet.

Believe what you will, but I think that this is what has happened. I'm just glad I don't live there, that's all.
No one is going to know exactly what's 'really' happened because if someone tries to out the 'actual' truth (whatever that may be) the media and social networks etc all try to silence them and claim they are conspiracy theories, and any one who believes them is a nutjob, dangerous, and will also be silenced.
I just think it's very convenient that a virus starts in the most polluting country in the world, not long after Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion types were complaining that world leaders weren't listening to 'the scientists' about climate change, it mainly kills old people (who mainly vote right-wing) but not young people (mainly left), causes pollution levels to drop around the world as people are forced to stay home, forces kids to stay at home - levelling the playing field for the likes of Greta and friends (who were maybe going to be behind on their education after being off school themselves), and is closing down many businesses (operating under the workings of capitalism) and then when some businesses start to be allowed to open up, riots across the US destroy even more and intimidate people to stay in doors for even longer, riots lead by far-left activists including communists. And just when countries were starting to get back to some sort of normality, and businesses who survived were allowed to operate again, and economies hadn't quite been destroyed beyond repair, the 'numbers' start rising again.
I'm not saying it's definitely done on purpose, but it's rather convenient.

If it was intended, then it's kind of backfired in some respects, as more masks and rubber cloves etc have caused more litter, there's more packaging on food items when they were cutting back, and people may use their own private transport more as they don't want to mingle with others - raising pollution levels again.
Trump suggested you shall inject SANITIZER, which is veeeeeery effective against virus......

Anyway China's making huge progress about vaccine, this is obviously not reported on western media, cauz it hurts white PRIDE so much....

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