Life can be such a pain in the ass. From the moment you're born, I suppose complacency is something you tend to want inherently. You get comfortable and things are just what you want, then change happens. Change. It's like a blessing and a curse. Sometimes its for the better, and others, for the worse. One thing is for sure, it's inevitable. You really can't exercise much control over it. The world changes, your life changes, the people around you change, you yourself, whether you want to or not, change.

Over time I've dealt with this in different ways. Some ways are productive and others not so much. Fear seems to be a common factor in witnessing and/or being a part of change though. I guess it's natural to be afraid of change. It takes away that complacency you develop, so that comfort factor is stripped away from you. There's often excitement as well, so I suppose that's a positive. It's still quite daunting most of the time when it happens. You really have only 2 choices though. Accept it, or don't.

I think this is where the toughest aspect of change happens. It's a two-fold problem. First, you have to decide if you accept the change or not. Will you go with the flow or will you fight. Is it worth fighting for/over? Second, you have to figure out and deal with the consequences of that choice you've made. Some want that change and others do not. Even when it's confined to a change(or not) of yourself, like a lifestyle change, boob job, or a career change, others will act differently. They'll make those choices themselves over the change you yourself just engaged and accepted/not accepted. It's a rotating conundrum of existentialism.

Why am I writing about this? To be honest and frank, I have no fucking clue. I just finished up with a psychiatrist appointment and they want me to blog more so here I am. It's on my mind so I'm writing about it. Post thoughts if you want, or don't. I posted mine so now I'm going back to playing some Cuphead with my son. Enjoy your day/night.
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Changes are something some people wish they could control. It's almost like a lottery drawing.
It could be for good or for bad.
As you said, it's inevitable. It may happen as a last resort, as a choice, or often, against free will.
The last resort changes can potentialy be for good, and so for the decision to change.
Against your will, however, could be for your own sake, or for someone else's, and often, not for your best.

As much as possible, I would wish that any change is for the best, even if they could involve sacrifices, or pain.
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So, I'm gonna be off to college in less than 4 months. Gonna be moving somewhere far, far away from where I am now. It's like the gravity of this change hasn't quite set in yet, but I feel it coming. I'm going to a great school to learn something I am genuinely passionate about, and I have every reason in the world to be ecstatic, but even when this change is totally the right change, or at least a change in the right direction, it's as you say. A part of me wants to stay locked up, sheltered, to not want change. I could've settled for a great school in Seattle doing something I didn't love or an alright school in Seattle doing something I loved. I had both options open, they're still open. These options are "safe." I was all ready to commit to 'em. I could stay at home, I'd have friends here, yadda yadda... But here was an option to have both, to have it all. And I took it, at the cost of moving over 2,000 miles away. The complacent part of me has effectively been silenced by the part that's seeking the new and the bold.

So... change. I believe our brains are hardwired to resist it. If that wasn't the case, then we wouldn't have nearly as much strife in the world. Living in society, you become socialized and can resist your resistance. You're okay with a change if your conscious can override your primordial mind, you're not when that evolutionary vestige wins. All the other parts of your brain will come rushing to offer testimony to these two stalwart attorneys, and like all witnesses, their recollection of events will only be somewhat accurate at best. The greatest part is that there is no judge. You can go ahead and impose a judge -- God, a guru, a disembodied voice -- but they'll anyway be forced to rule upon a scene of neural carnage.

I'll leave you with that imagery :)
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I think a part that also plays into it is curiosity and intrigue. We know what’s good, what’s “safe.” But we also know that there could be better. There could be more. When curiosity and intrigue is piqued at its highest levels, we seem to abandon that complacency for better or for worse as well. I think this often plays a major role in romantic relationships ending.

They often say “curiosity killed the cat,” and while that may be true, it also often gave it food, shelter, instincts, acumen, and reflexes. One could argue curiosity also gave it “nine lives.”
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In the same boat. Changes are coming to my life, very fast actually. Like you said, I too have gotten comfortable, while I wasn't completely satisfied, I liked my life the way it was. The hardest part about change, you never know exactly what will happen. What your friends will do next, or what you'll do next. I'm scared, but I can't be, because change will happen even if I'm not ready. Life doesn't wait until your ready, it just does.
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