Hi all, just want to let you know I won't be coming here anymore. Lots of exciting stuff happening in my life that needs full attention (progressing forward in my relationship in the normal expected ways) plus I am not really needed here anymore - I'm not able to help with the site, I haven't followed the Switch scene in like a year, and TurdPooCharger and KleinsSinchen are much better at helping with 3DS queries than me and have been for a very long time. The only real reason I stuck around on this site was because I enjoyed helping people. I will still be on Discord as I need to use it to play games with friends I can't see due to the darn virus, so happy to have a chat if you like (Ez#2205). I am unlikely to keep up with any modding scene as to be honest, I just don't really like playing games, and keeping up with the scene for the enjoyment of watching progress and trying stuff out seems to get less and less fun/interesting the longer you do it. So I probably won't be able to help with any technical questions anymore. Anyway, nice to have met you all. Bye! :yay:
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I saw this thread in Recent Content and figured it was probably just another guy with a couple of dozen posts who would be swiftly forgotten. But no, it is dear, sweet, recognizable Quantumcat. Alas.
Goodbye you shall be greatly missed may you lead a successful life.
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Sorry to see you go, hope you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you go.


See you space cowboy
"less fun/interesting the longer you do it" - Quantumcat

That happens with everything though, with everybody. People naturally get bored when you do something too long no matter how good and awesome that thing is, or how much you loved it before. Just don't let that happen with your relationship :rofl2:.
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